Young Republican voters explain why they don’t support Trump

Millennials with political resumes sound off on the presumptive GOP nominee
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19 thoughts on “Young Republican voters explain why they don’t support Trump

  1. TWO FAR

    His history is conflicting? How about clintons recent history which is more concerning

  2. Maher Israel

    So you can't oppose Trump with being an idiot or stupid? Smh… That's a shame, it's like saying that you can't support Trump without being a complete racist or biggot. It's just not a fair or accurate thing to say.

  3. macpony2571780

    None of these brats look like hey worked a hard day in their lives they all probably still live with their mommies

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    WOW! These people are idiots.. They work in politics? sounds like they have meaningless jobs and are afraid of losing a paycheck

  5. victor romero

    They speak like Democrats in Republicans clothing. Their speech, thought, and responses are bought and paid for. Sell outs. This Mexican is voting for Trump.

  6. Deathrape2001

    They R not republicans. They R democrat fag clowns who infiltrated the rebpublicrat party 2 destroy it & help ram America down the toilet with turds like Billary. They should B wearing "Republicans For Hillary" T-Shirts = pathetic.

  7. Verborgene Wahrheit

    These lemmings are what is wrong with America. It's hard to differentiate these buffoons from a filthy Liberal 

  8. Franz Leopold Neumann

    What absolute fools! The first one states, "He's talking about keeping people out because of their religion…" Islam is not a "religion", it is a genocidal, totalitarian ideology, you ignorant fool! #WeWillNeverForgetBenghaziHillary

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