What Did Donald Trump Say?! “Republicans are dumb” True or False- NowYouSeeTV

What Did Donald Trump Say?!

Did Donald Trump tell People magazine in 1998 that if he ever ran for president, he’d do it as a Republican because “they’re the dumbest group of voters in the country” and that he “could lie and they’d still eat it up”?
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18 thoughts on “What Did Donald Trump Say?! “Republicans are dumb” True or False- NowYouSeeTV

  1. Elijah the gamer

    That's because they took it off because they aired it on the Talk. I actually saw video of him saying this w/my own eyes!

  2. Erosdox7

    I find it very interesting that you're giving everyone a tutorial how to search the people magazine archive for a article that quotes him making the statement when everyone is constantly saying that this is something he said in a people mag VIDEO CLIP.

    I have to wonder whether you honestly missed the fact that that statement was made in a video clip originally posted on Facebook or whether you just pulling a con.

  3. Rajuhn Hamilton

    he did say it.. just look up the interview he had with Opera in 98' he definitely did say that

  4. daniel vb

    I don't know why trump opposers see the removal of the video as a "shoking fact" and trump supporters see it as a "conspiration theory". Anyone can remove a video that uses his/her image, it's a standard procedure.

  5. brt929

    Gee John, here are some more memes for you to research:
    1. Obama was born in Kenya
    2. Obama lied about going to Harvard
    3. Obama is a Muslim
    4. Bill Clinton purposely allowed OBL to get away
    5. Hillary Clinton stopped the military from saving Chris Stevens

    Let me know what you find, considering Republicans are the leading propagandists in this country.

  6. Trinity Carroll

    I seen it with my own eyes, so none of you young Trump supporters can tell me differently!! He had it removed before he ran for POTUS! That was the smart thing to do!

  7. Raul Ruiz

    Damn this is freaky as hell. There is a bunch of people that saw it and now it is gone. I started researching and there is a whole reddit page of people who have seen it and can't no longer find it. I thought I was going crazy. I saw it a few months ago and I went looking for it and can not find it anywhere. Someone has to have it. Please give me the link.

  8. Dorothy Peach

    1st off, I saw several different clips of it on YouTube. You can say what you want but the fact that they are no longer on here proves it's true. If it was fake why did they take them all down? Anyone who knows anything about videos would be able to analyze it and determine if it was real or fake. So why take them down if they were fakes? So sit your ass down and stop brain washing these idiots.

  9. Mohammed Aminu

    Stop throwing tantrums. Even if the dumb & stupid republicans had evidence of him saying such things,they would still have voted for him.

  10. Justin Leigh

    This quote was not said in People Magazine. It was said in a VIDEO that was circulating on facebook! The quote from the meme is the correct quote, but I have never seen that meme in my life. I saw and heard a VIDEO of TRUMP SAYING THOSE THINGS!

  11. Nakesha Nichols

    He said it in 1988 and not 1998 it was on Oprah Winfrey pretty sure if she wanted to resurface she can bring it back. They now show partial clips of the interview which was removed instead of showing the full interview on the Internet so he wouldn't look bad. Please believe it will resurface.

  12. Elaine Wise

    I too saw this video with my own eyes! I played it over and over again for my republican husband.Trump must have paid out a fortune to have it yanked! After all of the name calling this heathen has done, do you really think he didn't call All republicans dumb, at a time when he was claiming to be a Democrat and saying this Country is better off under Democratic rule. He just flip flopped and is now calling everyone else dumb and lots of other colorful names. Your video is a sad passive aggressive attempt to talk down the truth and lie for Trump! Shame on you sheeple!!!


    haha looks like it's coming true. haha he called it. he spit his racist shit and all the dumb as Republicans loved him for it. and know he's backing out on all his promises. lmfao business as usual… not so anti DC is he. lmfao. #goDUMP

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