Website Glitches Continue on Day 3 of

DAYTON –The Dayton Public Library held a forum to educate the public and help people sign up on Since Tuesday’s launch of the government-run…

USA Today Reporter: May Need to Be Completely Overhauled.
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  1. Indio Atlacatl

    USA Today Reporter: May Need to Be Completely Overhauled
    Joe to Mika: So the Canadians fired the firm we hired to run healthcare
    launch? ‘Huh.’
    BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff October 18, 2013 8:26 am
    The Morning Joe panel interviewed USA Today reporter Kelly Kennedy about
    her damning article on the Monday morning.
    Kennedy said experts contend the glitches are the result of the Obamacare
    website being built on 10 year-old technology that may need to be
    completely overhauled.
    Host Joe Scarborough ribbed his liberal co-host Mika Brzezinski, noting the
    irony that the firm hired by the U.S. to launch the Obamacare website was
    fired by the province of Ontario in Canada:
    JOE SCARBOROUGH: Wow, Mika. I mean, so what we’re talking here Mika — the
    Canadians fired a Canadian firm that the United States hired to run the
    biggest governmental launch in a generation. Huh.

    MIKA BRZEZINSKI: You know, it’s interesting –

    KATY KAY: Speechless.

    MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Everybody missed that. They were so busy — I don’t know. I
    guess they were looking somewhere else. I don’t know.

    JOE SCARBOROUGH: Yeah whatever


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