WATCH: Paul Ryan Rips Medical Chief at ObamaCare Website Hearing – 10/29/2013

Medicare chief Marilyn Tavenner apologizes for botched rollout of Testifying before the House Ways and Means Committee, Marilyn Tavenner, head…
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German healthcare is often cited as an example that America should emulate. This is a video that provides some background on the German universal healthcare …
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39 thoughts on “WATCH: Paul Ryan Rips Medical Chief at ObamaCare Website Hearing – 10/29/2013

  1. fratdawgg23

    Paul Ryan is a dishonorable twat. He has been fapping to old photos of Ayn
    Rand since he was a teenager LoL

  2. John G

    Group-think does not stand up to logic, reasoning, etc. Sycophants comply
    with their masters, they do not think critically about marching orders and
    therefore they become cannon fodder for critical thinkers. We need more
    real-world logic and less liberal assssumptions. 

  3. lizardfirefighter110

    M I C K E Y M O U S E Mickey Mouse! Holy shit, some how, when we were
    pre- occupied working our three jobs, our corrupt and incompetent
    government invented The Obama Care health plan ( Obama I really don’t care
    about your health plan) and crammed it down our throats! This BS is just
    the tip of the iceberg – there is much more to come.

  4. NavyWife0711

    Paul Ryan, please stop making excuses for people. If they lie on an
    application and don’t get the tax return they were looking for. That is
    their own fault. They need to be help accountable for their mistakes like
    anyone else.

  5. bduhe219

    the republicans, along with the controlled interest of insurance providers
    and medical providers, are purposely making more out of this tha necessary.
    because the profit made from medical services is monumental, they want to
    protect that interest in making more money, treating less patients and
    maintain the status quo. I predict in two years, or at least at the end of
    Obama’s terms, the service will b regarded a success. they say that the
    program fails, where I hear states who opted to run their own site and
    offered different insurance plans are very successful. we don’t hear that
    on the news. we hear the troubles te federal site s having. why are the
    governors of these states who chose not to participate and offer plans are
    not being questioned and made to face those consequences?

  6. epic bamf

    Obamacare is illegal. Article I, Section 7, Clause 1 “All Bills for raising
    Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may
    propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.”

  7. SoNSanDiego

    It was the Progressives that were the main driving force for eugenics in
    the early 1900’s, which inspired Hitler’s eugenics program, and it is the
    Progressives of today driving Obamacare. Go figure?

  8. SoNSanDiego

    The millions of Germans, who weren’t gassed and incinerated in Hitler’s
    universal healthcare system, or who had relatives who were gassed, mostly
    loved Hitlercare, also.

  9. Linda Eckert

    Sterilization and euthanasia was LAW in 1933 in California and Nebraska
    and practiced nation wide at the same time Nazi Germany was doing the same
    thing. German healthcare is often cited as an example that America should
    emulate. This is a video that provides some background on the German
    universal healthcare system that is relevant to the current debate on
    government control of the healthcare system in America. The question is not
    that the programs are currently the same, but why should this much power be
    given to the Government, which can so easily be abuse by such a messianic
    dictator that may gain power?

    Centralized government control of the healthcare system was already in
    place, when Hitler came along and wanted to use it for mass murder. German
    universal healthcare was started in the 1880’s by Otto von Bismarck, called
    the Iron Chancellor for his dictatorial style of governing.

    Few may realize it, but the Holocaust actually started in the national
    healthcare system of Germany with a project called the T4 program.
    Universal healthcare is based on the idea that the distribution of
    healthcare should promote the welfare of society, according to Government
    priorities. It is inherently redistributive. Hitler ordered the hospitals
    and mental institutions to euthanize hundreds of thousands of the
    handicapped and mentally ill, in order to save money. In any universal
    healthcare system the Government will be deciding at some level, who gets
    healthcare and who doesn’t, that is, the government will decide who lives
    and who dies.

    Much of the early work in Eugenics was done in the United States and Hitler
    was inspired by the work by of American scientists. Eugenics is based on
    the idea that Government can improve that health of the population by
    making decisions that tailor the genetics of the population. The German
    government decided that the Jewish race is genetically inferior and their
    genes should be eliminated from the population. Many of the techniques used
    in the mass extermination of the Jews were developed and first implemented
    in the hospitals of the German universal healthcare system. The German
    universal healthcare system gave Hitler the control that he needed to
    develop the methods of mass extermination and to do the first trials of
    mass extermination

  10. AUX EDM

    wow. The lady in the interview has a similar dialect to mine. It’s strange,
    because I rarely hear Germans speaking with this distinct dialect anymore.

  11. goblingrey

    Tennessee owns your bones but Obama owns your soul, I think. Never before
    met a Socialtist Tennessean. I’m not impressed. On the Nazis: “First they
    came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–because I was not a
    Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak
    out–because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I
    did not speak out–because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me–and
    there was no one left to speak out.” -Martin Niemoller

  12. SoNSanDiego

    There is no analogy drawn in any case. It is just the history of what has
    happened before with universal healthcare. You are the one drawing the
    analogy in you own mind.

  13. SoNSanDiego

    Universal Healthcare is like a gun, a powerful tool. In the wrong hands it
    can be used to do tremendous damage. The Government should not have that
    kind of power and the Founders of the U.S. especially did not intend for
    the federal government to have that kind of power and control of the lives
    and property of the citizens. It is unconstitutional. Why should Canadians
    be sticking their noses in our affairs anyway?

  14. SoNSanDiego

    Just because they euthanized a couple hundred thousand people does not mean
    it wasn’t universal healthcare. You just don’t agree with the treatment
    that they received and their procedures. These people were murdered in the
    German hospitals. Since there are limited resources the US government will
    also have to ration care and that means decide who lives and who dies, It’s
    a slippery slope and no government should have that power. Without UHC
    extermination would have been much more difficult.

  15. Studio 25

    there is a “tendency” to compare it with the 3rd reich’s initiative. just
    for a more balanced “doc” some good examples could have been provided
    (french system is quite well put together)

  16. Michael Munnett

    These are some dark times were facing yet again thank you for posting this
    information & keeping the freedom of information act alive & giving us a
    fighting chance for a brighter future!

  17. Studio 25

    i see no reason for the principles that US is based not to protect
    (alongside the democracy) a national care system; i can only see a reason
    for it to be better, when working in a democratic environment

  18. SoNSanDiego

    You probably just aren’t aware of the death panels, In the US, the plan it
    to start by killing millions of unborn babies.

  19. SoNSanDiego

    @Gametest – I hate it when people misinterpret a clip, but LOVE it, when I
    can simply not approve their asinine comments. This clip is saying that
    Hitler used Universal Health Care for his own agenda and that a potential
    dictator in American could use it for the same purpose. It gives the
    Government too much power, not that Obamacare is currently the same as
    Hitlercare, but that it could go that way in the future.

  20. Brabantia Nostra

    Exactly how money die-hard libertarian free market fetishists actually
    agree with the Hitler mantra ‘let the weak die’? Just curious.

  21. Brabantia Nostra

    I am Dutch. That doesn’t negate my assertions, especially as the
    Netherlands have the habit of copying America.

  22. Brabantia Nostra

    You really believe Hitler would have felt discomfort because of the law? He
    MADE the law. And again: if one is excluded from health care on the basis
    of racial heritage or illness, that by definition means said healthcare
    system is not universal.

  23. Brabantia Nostra

    Look at your avatar. Please tell me what good you expect from Obama. The
    implications of videos such as these are evident: portray universal health
    care – a system that actually is designed to provide care to all,
    especially those in need – as a stepping stone to mass extermination a la
    the Holocaust. Bring up the spectre of Auschwitz to demonize that which in
    itself is exactly meant to protect the weak: universal health care.

  24. SoNSanDiego

    UHC gave Hitler the centralized control that he needed to carry out mass
    exterminations. It is naive to think that Government will always be a
    benevolent force and even the US government now is not a benevolent force
    for good, but a vehicle for personal power for a lot of politicians, like
    it was for Hitler.

  25. Brabantia Nostra

    Oh I see. And when regular people, i.e., the wealthy, decide to ‘let the
    weak die’, it somehow is less immoral?

  26. SoNSanDiego

    Not in this matter. The Dutch copied their healthcare system from the damn
    Nazis. Europe is full of fools that want to foist this kind of crap on us.
    Go the hell away.


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