WATCH LIVE: President Trump speaks from GOP retreat

Sub for more: | Lindsey Bruce for liberty writers news reports, For a second there I actually thought that the establishment Republicans in Congress were paying attention to the people and what they want. I was wrong. Today on CNN, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that the Republican majority Congress will NOT be funding Trump’s investigation into voter fraud.

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BREAKING: Republicans in Congress Just BLOCKED Trump’s Order!! This is EXACTLY What Democrats Wanted!

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18 thoughts on “WATCH LIVE: President Trump speaks from GOP retreat

  1. Kirk Boswell

    Well, this isn't right. There are several videos showing election workers telling voters who to vote for. (illegal all by itself). There's a video of Obama saying in an interview that "everyone is a citizen and should vote" (encouragement for illegals to vote). There's videos of people handing 'who to vote for' cards out to voters AT THE ENTRANCE DOORS. (illegal).
    And this has occurred in numerous places, not just California.
    Okay, I'm fine with the States doing the investigation, but they haven't so far, so President Trump's order should prevail.

  2. Sparka J

    There are a lot of pedos about to go down in washington…both sides are guilty and Trump is gonna drain the pedo swamp

  3. Zeek Zeek

    Have pizzagate take out all the pedophiles on both sides. This will take out a lot of the problem.

  4. okay sure

    I'm with trump I just have one criticism. Congress is repealing an environmental regulation that allows coal companies to blow up mountaintops and dump debris wherever they want (rivers) this has been proven to kill off aquatic life and increase risk of disease in the local population. They say it is to increase jobs however this would only increase automation. like I said I'm with trump I just think we need to look at everything, good and bad.

  5. Michael David

    The Republican establishment is so out-smarted by the Dems. The Dems have a complete foothold on about a dozen voter fraud schemes which only benefit them and not the Republicans. if it wasn't for Trump the Republicans may not have seen a presidential seat for decades into the future.

  6. Rick Edwards

    Well Gary, this is how a government works like it or not one person in government can not pass any law(s) with out political resistance.

  7. Anthony “Doc” Raimondo

    They won't fund because the investigation leads right back to them. Our government is corrupt that why Trump indicated America isn't innocent.

  8. Better Days

    The politicians and the political system in the US is a scam, republicans and democrats are from the same crime organization, i pray everyday for my president Trump to have good people around him.

  9. Linda M

    So they are afraid of what they will find? Voting is very serious and should be taken seriously. They spend our money where we don't want them to. Besides President Trump is saving us a bunch. I think they are trying to cover their own behinds.

  10. Darren Davis

    its worth the money because if the spot light is shinned on this issue it could help prevent future voter fraud or at least purge it to where its not so significant and people like peloski and all the chicago mayors and ya ya da all those long time establishment people may not truely get re elected if its based on a fair vote.

  11. Liz

    WE THE PEOPLE must take back OUR government, per OUR Constitutional rights. It seems that will be the only way to truly draintheswamp of these parasites. After watching them in Congress and the Senate, it is very clear to me, that people should be preparing for this in future. It's obvious our Government no longer works for the best interest of it's Country or it's people. How does a Federal corrupt Judge have more standing than it's President? SIC

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