UNaffordable Health Care Debated – Natalie Willes – Sean Hannity Special – Obamacare – 11-1-13

UNaffordable Health Care Debated - Natalie Willes - Sean Hannity Special - Obamacare  - 11-1-13

The brutal arrogance from the left is on full display in this segment which features Natalie Willes who explains why she no longer can maintain her health ca…

25 thoughts on “UNaffordable Health Care Debated – Natalie Willes – Sean Hannity Special – Obamacare – 11-1-13

  1. Kelly Fox

    Hannity & his conservative sheeple do a great job of pointing out the flaws
    in the ACA, yet they haven’t contributed a single idea on how to improve
    our healthcare system. Listen, I do not support Obama, but these selfish
    right wingers are whiney lil babies who harp about how they will have to be
    under another insurance plan & how inconvenient it is for them, when there
    are ppl who have NO INSURANCE AT ALL! I’d love to see them deal with THAT
    inconvenience. I just hope to God that ppl aren’t allowing Hannity or his
    show to influence them, cuz he does not care about you or your families’
    well being. Hannity would rather see this bill fail & ppl die from not
    having healthcare than see the bill do good & save lives…all to just
    prove that him & “his side” were right. Shame

  2. Xamatia G

    What really bothers me about watching this video for even a few minutes is
    that the opposition, the Democrats, do not even get any opportunity to
    express their view indicating to me that they’re not willing to listen.
    Hopefully unintended, it is obvious that the entire show is not about
    debating but about bullying. I happen to agree with Kelly Fox, none of
    these people in the video seem to have an idea of what it’s like to not
    have insurance. Having that experience makes a big difference. I’m a 41
    year-old, divorced mother, and had the difficult experience of getting
    stage III breast cancer in 2009. At the time, I was fortunate to have
    medical coverage through my then husband who was soldier. But now being on
    my own, one of the things that I have feared was getting coverage because
    of my pre-existing condition. Also, I have worked since I was 16, but when
    I got sick, I lost my job and my apartment. With some college, but no
    college degree, I went back to school while I was going through my cancer
    treatments in hopes I would have a good paying job with medical coverage.
    In 2013, I finally got into nursing school and I currently struggle using
    loans and food stamps while charging my credit card for medical coverage.
    Pres. Obama’s Medicaid option in the Health Care Act for people like me,
    who are trying to get from A to B, is a godsend. Let alone, if I had the
    money to pay for medical insurance I would not be discriminated.
    Furthermore, there has to be thousands, if not millions of others in
    similar situations, where just these two parts of the new law will help. We
    are people with real stories about how the health care act is A POSITIVE
    DIRECTION towards improving medical access in our country. I’d like to see
    a shift in looking at what is positive about the Healthcare Act, even if
    only it is just to identify the benefits instead of only focusing in the
    media about what is wrong with it. I am also almost certain that none of us
    here have read the Act in its entirety. And if it’s true that president
    Obama has not read the entire document, It would be likely to conclude that
    none of these people in this video have done so as well. Even more
    importantly, we the people would benefit to have an open discussion and
    even learning sessions in our local community about this big change in
    healthcare policy. However many of us are occupied in the day to day
    activities of our lives trying to make things work. But nothing changes
    without action…and thoughtful action must begin with dialogue.

  3. Freddy Da Kine

    These morons haven’t proposed a single revision of something better than
    Obamacare. Yet they continue to cry havoc. Perhaps Hannity should shut up
    and run for office.

  4. legion lowrey

    The Republican and democratic parties are both corrupted and hate liberty.
    Republicans hate our fourth Amendment while Democrats hate all of our
    amendments. So both are very bad.

  5. Barry Rutenschroer

    Obama is not a liar. It is the teleprompter’s fault, it was a video,blame
    it on Bush. If you support Obama sign-up. If you don’t it will fail. It is
    his legacy, it is up to you, lean forward, hope and change, yes we can,
    remember every country will love us, even our enemies, we are now closer
    together, transparent, accountability, pay more than your fair share it is
    time. Save Obama sign up today, website will be up and running for 7
    minutes log on now. Pass it to know what’s in it,Stool sample?

  6. Maynard

    All inclusive you say..? Where are the black tea partiers and i’m not
    talking about the ones fox news pays and corrupt politians where are the
    blacks at your tiny rallies? Where are the LGBT or the latinos? You are
    99.9% white and stupid. It isn’t grass root it was founded by oil and
    chemical billionaires who want deregulation and lower taxes for themselves
    and no money to help the poor. They are a cancer for America but thankfully
    they have begun the downfall of the GOP

  7. Cynthia LaRoche

    The Tea Party Movement is an all-inclusive American grassroots movement
    with the belief that everyone is created equal and deserves an equal
    opportunity to thrive in these United States where they may “pursue life,
    liberty and happiness” as stated in the Declaration of Independence and
    guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

  8. Maynard

    Actually the percentage of voter fraud is 0.00001% it is used to
    disenfranchise and encourage low voter turnout in elections being won by
    democrats. Look at the Jon Stewart segment with the North Carolina
    politician who admitted it and then lost his job. It’s not about voter
    fraud it’s about the GOP trying win elections by cheating

  9. sdfkjllshadflhadfshl

    Look at Florida alone, those ‘greedy’ insurance companies canceled 300,000
    policies. At an average of $300 that would be $90,000,000 a month that
    those 1% threw away to comply with the ACA. Anyone claiming they did this
    out of ‘greed’ is just plain stupid.

  10. Maynard

    Um actually the republicans are going to lose the house by a big margin.
    Even with their voter suppression and gerrymandering. The GOP has lost
    America. Thanks to the tea party.

  11. workwithksmusselman

    Why in the HELL can’t these bleeding heart liberal imbeciles UNDERSTAND THE
    FACTS???? It’s like talking to a bunch of ROBOTS – they only know one thing
    – it’s THEIR way or it’s the wrong way, period.

  12. workwithksmusselman

    I mean really, so this guy is comparing buying an insurance plan with
    BUYING A CAR???? HELLO???? We aren’t being FORCED to buy ONLY CERTAIN
    cars!! What a freaking moron idiot!!! It’s like comparing coconuts to

  13. CrismaFire

    Obama will pay for his crimes regardless of the price. Dems are going to be
    politically destroyed 2014. Then Obama will be removed and tried for
    treason. Then after we prove he wasn’t legally qualified we will strip
    everyone he put in office counting Supreme Court idiots. We will get
    America back regardless. Better dead then Red.

  14. InternetDisciple

    What a bully that liberal is. It is obviously that he believes that she is
    too stupid to be trusted to make her own choices.

  15. Unklebillybob

    “A Mandatory Health Care Program”
    Let’s take a look at mr obama’s experience;

    Oblama has no experience in;
    1) Budgeting
    2) Finance
    3) Businesses – Large or Small
    4) State’s Rights
    5) DOD
    6) National Guard
    7) Foreign Affairs
    8) Health Care
    9) Medicine/Medical Field
    10) Military Matters
    11) Science & Technology
    12) Research & Development
    And now, with obama’s Vast Experience, he’s trying to run a mandatory
    Health Care Program for 320 Million People. Hell! What could go Wrong?


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