Two Terrorists Hillary Clinton and Benjamin Netanyahu Press Conference on Gaza

Two evil terrorists in Israel at the press conference on Gaza 20/11/12 GMT 21:30 EET 23:30.
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25 thoughts on “Two Terrorists Hillary Clinton and Benjamin Netanyahu Press Conference on Gaza

  1. Aniza Yassin

    My parents always told me to choose friends wisely,I think America has made
    such a horrible friend that one day they will go down together or become
    enemies of each other. mark my comment.

  2. Jens Ausaus

    Die Amerikanische Kuh Hillary Clinton vertretet die Interessen Israels Im
    Auftrag der Jüdischen Zionistischen Lobi Amerikas !!!!!!!!!! Amerika Du
    geliebte Amerika ,ich glaube Dir nichts mehr!!!Du hast den Weg der Freiheit
    und vor allem den Weg der Gerechtigkeit aufs Spiel gesetzt um Israel zu
    dienen !!!!!!!! Es war falsch und töricht .Dadurch hast Du das Vertrauen
    der gesamten Welt verspielt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. SuperGospelGangsta

    Hamas is so useless – 1000 rockets and not a single one actually has done
    any damage to Israel – Maybe they should stop launching rockets at Israel
    before the whole of Gaza is destroyed by Israel. How many times has Israel
    defeated their enemies. Get ready because they are going to win this time

  4. Shu H

    Is it just me or is Netanyahu actually saying that they want to maximize
    the civilian causalities and Hillary was standing there like a wall?

  5. bla

    The vile lies these demons just spew is just amazing to watch , they don’t
    bat an eyelid when they lie and lie and lie, I hope karma comes to these
    cunts in the form of a speeding bus!

  6. Conranify

    I guess Clinton doesn’t watch the news like the rest of us. It’s insane to
    think that she can watch the slaughter going on and constantly drone on in
    that robotic voice about the right to defense. I guess Palestinians don’t
    have that right against an occupying force like Israel? There’s a simple
    solution – Israel needs to get out of Palestinian land, lift the blockade,
    stop the attacks, and have discussions. Until then, Palestine has the right
    to attack their aggressors and prison guards.

  7. xpto228

    Moreover, when you say the world gave this plot of land to the Jews, what
    does that mean exactly? The land came with Palestinians living there and
    they were a nuisance for the (mostly European) Jews that created Israel,
    hence Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir and others cleaned it of Palestinians. But
    shouldn’t the Palestinians have had a saying on what they wanted for their
    country? No,instead world powers partitioned the land unequally and Israel
    acquired more and more land by expelling civilians.

  8. Paul Tennant

    you know something, i ended up watching a pretty good documentarie by hbo
    look up (gaza documentary, long) you have to include the coma long to get
    over 20 min videos, and its a couple down saying death in gaza and has two
    children there. Honestly I had no idea that Israel was like that. Firing
    automatic weapons at building just to frighten kids.

  9. xpto228

    “maybe they do have claims”?Do you realize the Palestinians suffered ethic
    cleansing at the hands of Irgun and Haganah to ensure the creation of
    Israel? Those suffering families are the Palestinians in Gaza and southern
    Lebanon. In the north of Israel, the ethnic cleansing was not that much
    successful, that’s why there are still Palestinians there; but there are
    several MK who call for their expulsion. Read Ilan Pape, an Israeli
    historian, on the creation of Israel, you might learn something.

  10. Paul Tennant

    We dont have wars over here the way they do over there. Its sad that crazy
    palestinians have made it hell for everyone in the region, especially their
    own people. Israel didnt attack, israel never does, they react. The only
    thing they do pre-emptive is arms buildup, and given their history, Id be
    armed to the teeth as well.


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