Trump seeks Republican leaders support

Trump seeks Republican leaders support

To endorse or not endorse? That’s likely to be a question uppermost on many Republican party leaders minds, when Donald Trump heads to Capitol Hill to meet GOP leaders on Thursday.

Several top Republicans have so far refused to support the billionaire, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, who last week said he wasn’t ready to back Trump.

But now, Ryan appears to have opened the door, in a bid to heal splits in the party.

“To pretend we’re unified without actually unifying then we go in the f…

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6 thoughts on “Trump seeks Republican leaders support

  1. peabase

    Isn't there some self-destruct button the GOP could press so as not to have to endorse Trump?

  2. Violence and Force

    he'll get it… after today, party will be behind Trump. Have to deal with the two pathetic assholes on the other side.

  3. ExoChaotic

    Paul Ryan is a liar he said he would support the nominee but trump got it and Ryan said he wouldn't support him.

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