Trump says he will not participate in Republican debate

Carl Cameron, Brit Hume react
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17 thoughts on “Trump says he will not participate in Republican debate

  1. Geoff Beach

    This will be her only claim to fame – and then she will fade – no substance..

    Trump did the right thing and will continue to thrive ..

  2. Semper Reformanda

    Megan, Trump should make it a condition of attending the debate you suck his cock and gargle his balls for the first 5 minutes of it……

  3. Come Visit Waikiki

    Good for Trump…..
    I cancelled my cable and will never watch Fox News again….they should fire that bimbo meygan

  4. Dipen Chauhan

    This is false reporting. Trump is not attending the debate because of the statement made by fox

  5. kd

    Look at these 2 fucking leftist whores, that white haired dick head is saying "Trump was asking for donations" implying as if for him self rather than for the veterans and wounded warriors who are being truly being treated worse than the filth that ILLEGALLY, ILLEGALLY!!!!! come in, 60%+ of whom stay on walfare, the ones who do work drive down the wages for regular Americans, you would hear a different tone if they were driving down the wages of politicians and reporters, BIASED FUCKS.

  6. bernincoal1

    Fox was totally blind sided. They thought they'd get another ratings champ, but not this time! lol!

  7. bernincoal1

    She looks horrible with short hair. Why do women who have nice hair, feel they need to chop it off? Oh, I don't like Megyn.

    Good for you, Trump!

  8. Eli Day

    Why don't you people stop wasting our time and talk about the real issues?? BERNIE 2016!!!!!!!

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