Trump Continues To Ask Bernie Voters To Support Him

On Wednesday morning, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump responded to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton‘s blistering attack speech with an address of his own, and he kicked it off with an explicit plea to supporters of independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential runner-up Bernie Sanders, who still has not conceded the nomination to Hillary. In the first minutes of his speech, Trump implored Sanders fans to join him in defeating Hillary Clinton, echoing the movement’s complaints about “rigged” elections…

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Donald Trump Kicks Off Anti-Hillary Speech with Pitch to Bernie Sanders Supporters

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20 thoughts on “Trump Continues To Ask Bernie Voters To Support Him

  1. John Do

    I rather have the Trumpstar running are wars than the dark skin guy who lies.My Chicano brothers have your back Mr Trump. Dont forget to keep it Trump my ninjas

  2. DiglettUser

    8:50 This is totally pointless logic. If you decide your vote this way, you are a Hillary supporter. To not oppose her when it counts is to support her.

  3. rationalguy

    As a Bernie supporter, the chance that I'd vote for Trump is a snowball's chance in hell. Trump is a fake con man. Bernie is genuine.

  4. Mak Brussles

    Wow you really can't see the forest through the trees can you Kyle. It's Bigger than Trump.

  5. Darrell Papstein

    Trump is not only a fascist but a fraud also always ripping off other people

  6. TK

    I don't care. The damage is done. I'll vote for Lex Luthor before I vote for this Nazi Cheeto.

  7. Darth Jadun

    Kyle, You need to supply your audience with more information on Jill Stein… I personally do not watch main stream media…. But would like to know more about her…

  8. Michael P

    He has the same bullshit speech every time and ZERO plans to substantiate one fucking word of it

  9. shady c network

    Trump is courting Bernie Sanders supporters more than Hillary Clinton is LOL

  10. gespilk

    An ultimatum: 
       Drop out Hillary …. or else …. my vote goes to Trump … the other outsider.

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