Totally Biased – Obamacare Website Glitches EXPLAINED!

Totally Biased - Obamacare Website Glitches EXPLAINED!

Tonight Kamau explains why the Obamacare website is experiencing glitches. Hey, republicans! Want to know the answer? It’s because it’s super popular!

25 thoughts on “Totally Biased – Obamacare Website Glitches EXPLAINED!

  1. Chihn Sùn

    How much of a tool are you if you defend this website debacle? It has
    nothing to do with party. All the money to make this disaster website went
    to a crap corporation because that is how Washington works.

  2. Bill Goode

    I don’t drink tea. Haven’t got any teabags. What part of Obamacare is the
    law? Is it the part that Obama delayed, by executive order, until 2015 –
    the employer mandate?, delayed by Obama all by himself, with no
    consultation with Congress. Or is it the part where Congress, federal
    judges and the executive branch are exempted from the law? Are those the
    laws you are talking about?

  3. Hot Lead

    Fox news can run a website that runs in real time with it’s news to get
    viewers opions. It can actually total up the votes and other information
    almost instantly. Why can’t the Obama administration tell us how many
    people have gotten health coverage on their website? The failure of
    Obamacare website is just the beginning, it’s a warning sign of things to
    come. We need to heed the warning or you get what you deserve. lol lol lol
    ha ha ha. Either way I can’t wait to say I TOLD YOU SO, BITCHES.

  4. Shadd henkelman

    common sense,.. you’d think when you want to run something that big, you
    should have big servers. the common “liberal sense” was ,.. gee lets buy a
    few 500mb computers and put em in a small office room probably no bigger
    than 1200 sq ft, and expect it to work,.. typical liberals…that made me

  5. Chris Murphy

    Looks like the claws are coming out now that premiums are rising and over a
    million have already lost insurance. I notice a lot of dems back peddling
    and asking for a delay now.

  6. Chesty_Puller

    Well we now are going on 2 weeks, and still, this totally bias jamoke still
    thinks 2+2=7, The Koolaid is strong where he lives.. As for the glitches,
    it was shown as they tested it with 300 users to log on, it would not
    work..This entire ObamaCare scam is proof you cant dress a pig, Nothing has
    worked , He said he will get the best and brightest to fix it, Why not get
    the best and brightest in the first place to make the site, using the IRS
    for this will be a disaster, what else could it be?

  7. Chris Murphy

    Another negro supporting the negro president no matter how badly he fails.
    The majority of American don’t want Obamacare, the roll out has been a
    failure, premiums on average are more expensive, we don’t need this law.
    Give the minority of people who want Obamacare an increase in their
    Medicaid, and leave the rest of the country the hell alone.

  8. AvengedAggressively

    Talk about biased, what a load of crap. CNN reported the glitches too.
    Couldn’t even force myself to sit through the 3:57 of garbage youre spewing.


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