Tiffany Trump addresses the Republican National Convention

Donald Trump’s daughter makes the case for her father
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Chris Cox leads Bikers for Trump, a group that drove into Cleveland on motorcycles on Monday to patrol the Republican National Convention and to rally behind the presumptive nominee.


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Donald Trump’s Biker Force | Republican National Convention | The New York Times

39 thoughts on “Tiffany Trump addresses the Republican National Convention

  1. Barbie Mackay

    All you jerks with all the negative comments about Tiffany. …I doubt you could even hold a conversation with her…she's educated ,charming and not the nasty person you are .Grow up and stop with the jealousy!

  2. Barbie Mackay

    Tiffany. are adorable…keep believing what your Dad says…and continue to be the Best Tiffany Ever! Congratulations on Graduating! You rock girl!!

  3. 1stcommonsense

    I bet the old man was this close to unplugging the mic. He won't let that happen again! Like, fur reawle..

  4. Randall Lindsey

    Great speech, Tiffany. Looking forward to hearing more from you and your siblings over the next 8 years

  5. Andrew Duis

    Wow what a father and example to all me…..Just a beautiful family…God bless them and America

  6. hickorydickoryduck

    2:16  "you'll never see a biker doing any of that"………………………..xD I think MC gangs tend to lean towards prostitution and meth

  7. Pittsburge Steelerfan

    So true black matter movement causes caos and soooo much fire. When with all honesty all Lives matter!. And bikers don't start fire and roits.

  8. James T

    Only left wingers would attack women and spit on them,  disgusting spineless yellow bellied cowards

  9. John Doe

    He sure fooled all you fuckers. Kick them all out, well that isn't going to happen anymore. Now it's, they can stay if they start paying taxes. And he doesn't want to break up families that have been hear for a long time, so they get what amounts to amnesty. I doubt he even starts on a wall. He is such a liar. And now so politically correct.

  10. BCT

    This whole Trump thing is just embarrassing for intelligent white people everywhere.
    Election day will fix it though.

  11. Mike D

    Trump is so desperate to have a tough guy image, he now fancies himself a biker. Except when his chronic sore feet flare up.

  12. jesusjacob israel

    Trump is lieing about everything, but republicans try to hide it, and try to fool people into thinking there is no lie in trump. He is just a big fraud, a racist, a bigot and an ignorant leing about everything.

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