This Week Proves That Donald Trump Owns The Insane Republican Party

It’s been a big 48 hours for Donald Trump. Thursday night’s Republican debate was heated – and Marco Rubio continued the attack on CBS This Morning calling Trump an “erratic” “con artist”. And just hours after Rubio’s attacks – Donald Trump received an endorsement from former presidential candidate Chris Christie. At a later rally – Trump seemed to spend more time attacking Marco Rubio than talking about his recent endorsement.

Just a typical couple of days in this GOP circus.

America’s Lawyer, Mike Papantonio, discusses this with political commentator Chauncey DeVega on RT’s The Big Picture.

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CNN projects: Donald Trump wins Nevada caucuses

CNN projects Donald Trump will win the Nevada Republican caucuses, his third consecutive victory in the GOP presidential race.
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26 thoughts on “This Week Proves That Donald Trump Owns The Insane Republican Party

  1. Carlos David

    The Republican Party is paranoid since 1964. What has happened lately is that was worsened a little bit with the support of religious fundamentalists. Richard Nixon was the last Republican president in the classic sense. Unfortunately this is what has made the Democratic Party look like they are progressive and nobody in the party establishment knows what that means nowdays; Now with the rise of Bernie Sanders (a real progressive) and his progressive movement makes look those who considered themselves progressives like idiots, they never were progressive, just because the other party is so extreme far to the right doesn't change they are conservative and a part of the problem. But I'm not surprised with what happens in the Republican Party. They just go ahead with their involution and it's consistent with what has happened in more than 50 years.

  2. James Miller

    and what do you call YOUR party
    which is trying to flood the US with millions of Islamists & Mexicans?
    The sane & rational party… for trying to destroy their own country?

  3. Rush Rutherford

    Trump bigs me big time,just the same people that think trump is credible is even more disturbing. When people cannot distinguish Hollywood from real life events we have a problem. The safety net would be if trump did get in to office is when he try's to Implement someone his actions. The world was just see him as a f**** clown. The Mexican president already told him to piss off. And was all most band from the UK. And there is so much more.

  4. TheTruthQuest123

    The more you bash him the more votes he gets.. I suggest you turn your attention to HIllary, instead of Trump

    or you will say hello to President Trump

  5. RE3B00T

    Donald trump brags about his money and isn't humble .. He is racist and that dosnt make a good president.. Tbh all of the people run suck ass

  6. Predarnold

    Most middle class Americans will vote for for Donald Trump but they will never admit it because they are scared of social media etc. Even Latinos will vote for him because they want to stop illigal imigration from Latin America.

  7. Alice Lolita

    This racist fucking joke is leading in the polls?? WTF Trump can shove his campaign up his ass and go die in a hole.

  8. Duane Fendley

    Congrats America ….Your  proving to the dark side,  America will soon be bright again ..

  9. Andriod Khan

    He says he will make America great again, yeah right we will fall because of him. If you don't have people coming here, then the economy will be bad, they will be less work force, and more

  10. Mike Swivel

    trump is the man and a great role model compared to other idiots like democrats

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