‘This Week’: Healthcare.gov Website Havoc

Dr. Richard Besser, Sen. John Barrasso, and Sen. Joe Manchin weigh in on Obamacare’s glitches.
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9 thoughts on “‘This Week’: Healthcare.gov Website Havoc

  1. Anta Brokaw

    If I may say,Health Care should not have been decided with out the medical
    advice of Doctor’s and health professionals,after all they will be the
    one’s who will administer the actual care the we get, I myself would not
    want a health care provider who is more concerned with my health insurance
    then the care that I need,

  2. moonspellsdumb

    Manchin is a idiot who will lose reelection no matter how unpartisan he
    behaves. Gun banning in West Virginia. Ha ha ha. Im surprised that he still
    has a job.

  3. Scotto Wd

    Is the federal government going to give people jobs so they don’t get fined
    for not having health insurance. What a joke! Land of the free or home of
    the enslaved. I think home of the enslaved. This country keeps getting
    worse, no more freedoms, people enslaved to the corporations.

  4. skyhunter

    fuck obama fuck socialism fuck that dictator, communist piece of shit i
    hope he gets assassinated impeachment would be too kind


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