The True Cost of Obamacare

“The Department of Health and Human Services put out an important report today about what it knows about insurance premiums on the Affordable Care Act exchan…
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25 thoughts on “The True Cost of Obamacare

  1. hxcrocker75

    The video below is the ABSOLUTE truth about Obamacare..
    Republicans and Democrats Agree on Forced Health Insurance

  2. gonzo muppet

    I only hope that suckers that voted for obama now realize how much of a
    fraud this clown is. Look at the facts people-

  3. Christina Swart

    $750.00 a month! For my family of 6, but please tell me more about how this
    “Obamacare” is so wonderful and “affordable”!! Not to mention the $6000

  4. John Cloutier

    Every program has start up problems and needs to be tweaked later. It’s way
    too early to judge this program.

  5. squeaky1967

    ABC World News in mid Nov. reported David Powner of the Gov. Accountability
    Office (Video) the cost was over 600 million.
    When it was announced that the Obamacare website cost on the “NORTH side”
    of 600 million as of 9/31/2013 my 1st thought was HOW MUCH on the north
    side and I was upset not knowing the true amount. Then it hit me… with
    the U.S. population near 317 million, the government could have ditched the
    program and given every MAN, WOMAN,and CHILD close to 2 MILLION EACH !!!

  6. razzle nipper

    Fucking hang it up libtards. You elected hands down the worst President in
    US history. Now go crawl back under the rock from which you came. Ya

  7. toscodav

    What a dink. He doesn’t even mention the extremely high deductibles and
    what about the million of people losing their current coverage? Just
    another stupid shill for the democrats LOL.

  8. Stan Smith

    $250 a moth in Rutherfordton, NC is a lot of money. My rent is $350 a
    month. My monthly income is about $1200

  9. jomomsophat

    50,000 only sounds “extremely wealthy if you make 40,000. who are these
    “extremely wealthy” people i guess extreme wealth means you can buy pizza
    in stead of McDs. i just ate some pizza , does that mean im extremely
    wealthy ? no obama is a bitch the money is being sucked out of the economy
    the small business wont survive soon we will all get our degrees from
    costco university and carls jr. will be a political party.

  10. Jimmy Rustles

    You are fucking bad at numbers, or your sources are shit. Middle class and
    upper middle class carry majority of tax burdens, rich “Over 2mil per year”
    pay even less than before. My suggestion is that you stick to whatever you
    good at, or whatever else you do to keep your “rich” dumb ass with roof
    over your head.

  11. RiotHouseLP

    Notice how he said “…costs on average” that right there says they are
    hiding the sharp increases in healthcare prices for young people. This is
    wrong why are young people, many whom have college loans and shitty jobs to
    pay off those college loans subsidizing the healthcare for older Americans.
    They are burdening the young generation which is already burdened with
    debt. We need to rethink this before its too late young people, vote in the
    next election to make ACA fair.

  12. Henbot

    lmao you the only tard here in the true usage of the word retard which is
    to make slow; delay the development or progress of (an action, process,
    etc.); hinder or impede. So you, GOP are all Retards especially with
    society. But better someone does something about all these Americans that
    are uncovered, which is hilarious when US meant to be number 1 but cant
    freaking cover huge swaths of its own people.

  13. razzle nipper

    Obamacare is a disgrace in every way. Wake up retards…Oh, I’m sorry, I
    have to be PC, forgive me, LIBTARDS!

  14. Scott Andrew Hutchins

    You jump to conclusions very illogically and insipidly. There is something
    very wrong with you for concluding that there is something wrong with me
    because my job applications result in no callbacks. I have shown my various
    resumes and cover letters to so-called “experts” who are paid by
    non-profits to help these things, and all I ever here is, “it’s the
    economy,” so if there is something wrong with me, those “experts” are
    incompetent, lazy job thieves.

  15. razzle nipper

    That’s where you’re wrong, you are clearly either a big liar or a man who
    uses his time very ineffectively. I certainly wouldn’t hire someone who
    brags about applying for 1,977 jobs and didn’t land a single one. Something
    is terribly wrong with your approach and perhaps wrong with you…sorry,
    just calling it as I see it.

  16. Scott Andrew Hutchins

    You’re a moron with an entitlement mentality, as is anyone who thinks one
    should be required to spend more than 50% of their income on necessities.
    And how would I get a job without internet and a cell phone? I don’t watch
    TV because there’s only one at the shelter. I have applied for 1,977 jobs
    since April 2012 (I became homeless in May 2012 when I was fired from a
    low-paying job with my savings exhausted). No intelligent person would say
    that I am not spending enough time on job search.

  17. razzle nipper

    I tried getting on the Obamacare website today and was redirected to a scat
    porn site! Coincidence or prophecy?

  18. chris allen

    It’s not Socialism because your paying for it yourself! its not free
    dumb-ass’s… socialism is when the government pays for it and disperses it
    out to the people as they see fit with no control by the private sector.
    This Just lowers prices in the private sector by increasing competition in
    the non-private sector to make these healthcare companies be more
    reasonable because we now have choices other then there monopoly!!


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