The Obamacare Extension – Government Without Painkillers

The Obamacare Extension - Government Without Painkillers

The House approved Republican legislation on Friday giving health insurers the option of extending plans through 2014 that would otherwise be canceled for no…

Obama Criticizes Congress After Vote to Defund 'Obamacare'

Speaking at a Ford plant hours after House Republicans passed a stopgap bill that would strip funding for his health care law, the president said Congress wa…

50 thoughts on “The Obamacare Extension – Government Without Painkillers

  1. Zephyr López Cervilla

    +Jai Ashton (+AshyJai1), people were mostly healthy before the rise of
    states. The overcrowding combined with poor hygenic conditions, and the
    impoverishment of human diet (based on a single staple food) during and
    after the Neolithic revolution led to malnourishment, infectious diseases,
    epidemic outbreaks, while further specialization of human activities gave
    rise to a number of occupational chronic diseases.

  2. napornik

    I love the idea of less regulation and medicine vending machines. In
    Stephan’s world I’d be the first to sell him my “Miracle Hair Growth Balm”
    (a greasy substance derived from snakes)

  3. PandaLogic101

    Today I learned that children with leukemia are just people who don’t take
    care of their health and then freak out when they get sick and just want
    everyone else to pay their bills 03:59

    Nothing like an injection of the just-world fallacy backed by a lack of
    understanding about the underlying causes of chronic conditions to justify
    sociopathic levels of callousness. 

  4. FrugalPrepper

    I agree with more competition. I think I shouldn’t have to go pay the
    Doctor $85 (Used to be $30 before my Obama-care compliant plan) every 3
    months to get refills on a drug I will take for the rest of my life.
    However I see the Doctors point of view. The cost of entry to become a
    Doctors is extraordinary. You don’t start practicing till you are in your
    late twenties, and you have hundreds of thousands in student loans. If
    your the doc, and all of a sudden they start replacing you with vending
    machines it isn’t exactly fair. I think we should start to slowly scale
    back some of the barriers to entry in to practicing medicine of the next
    decade or two, especially for General Practitioners and Family Medicine

  5. Melanie Fonville

    When I was born in the 70’s I remember this t+ shirt mom used to where
    which said “You can’t fight City hall. ‘ And much later in life, a friend
    of mine of mine ran for city council, and sadly enough she was the youngest
    elected city council to be thrown into the sewage of lies and corruption at
    the age of 24 had to hurt. If she stayed as a member of city council she
    could not move from her Ward to the Ward where her Fiancee lived. I think
    that was B.S. right from the get go. It is sad when corruption stars at
    such a lo level and only gets worse as you climb that ladder To take the
    blame for what happens behind closed doors. I have. seen enough reapeated
    news which I think should be rated @ least PG 13. I am sick of all the B.S
    & lies.
    Where do I start how would I be need heard. When my health care was taken
    the government was basically in my opion trying to kill off all the sick
    leaches attached to state funded health care. And I have lupus and a
    missheald broken neck @the C2 to C3 plus 5 more neck vertebrae have been
    broken My lawyer has been trying to help me get Disabilitity for 8 years. I
    want to quit Just give up Bit what lesson would I gain from that. What
    lesson would I be teaching my son?


  6. Holo Cene

    The pic on the video thumbnail is amazing. That gleeful thumbs up just
    beautifully encapsulates obamacare perfectly.

  7. P Mason

    One nice outcome of Obamacare is that we’ll now find out why Europeans are
    healthier… they can’t rely on their health care system so they HAVE TO
    remain healthy. Obamacare is going to force all of us to go out of our way
    to be healthy cause you can’t rely on the system. When people become
    reliant on safety nets, those safety nets become spider webs.

  8. kathy kelly

    After ww2 the feds started offering tax breaks to companies that provided
    health insurance. Medicare also drives the cost up too, there are caps on
    what doctors can charge medicare patients, who usually go over the cap, so
    they pass the costs along to everyone else.

  9. Robert F

    This whole post is just wrong. It’s been exposed that insurance companies
    have been sending out bogus “termination of benefits” letters to people.
    No one has to drop their coverage if they have legitimate coverage. If
    you have coverage with a scam company, it won’t met the requirements of the
    Affordable Healthcare Act. The act has it’s problems, but this isn’t one.

  10. RA30st08

    If you don’t pay doctors well then guess what happens? The best and
    brightest students decide to go into careers where you get paid for the
    hard work you put in. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll have all those godly
    individuals that are in medicine purely to help people (why they aren’t
    nurses instead I’ll never know) but a significant proportion will opt out
    and become other professionals.

    So you end up with sub-par doctors, sub-par healthcare and more medical

  11. Terry O'Brien

    The rage directed at ‘sheep’ at the end of this video would be the most
    important part of much of what Stefan does.
    Many movements took hold through the animosity a few held against anyone
    that could present a valid argument against them. That fierce passion
    must’ve made sheep feel safe enough to follow them into the abyss.
    If only there were fewer sheep with louder voices and angrier tones calling
    these people into account.

    But revolutions happen only one of two ways.
    Everyone resists a little (bloodless and democratic)
    Few people resist a lot (typically bloody, with various outcomes)
    And the most sickening part is, that until that change is forced to occur,
    the sheep are the loudest.
    “Just go along with it!”
    “Why are you being difficult?”
    “They have our best interests!”
    “Who are you to criticise?”
    “Don’t rock the boat!”
    “Don’t push the river!”
    “That’s just your opinion!”
    “Don’t stand out from the flock!”
    “Fight anti-relativism!”

    As history demonstrates, tyrannies are created by sheep.
    And sheep most people are.

  12. James Moat

    Your just blabbing fool. I don’t like to resort to name calling but Obama
    care postponed. Taxes we pay. That’s a law breaker. We are paying for
    service not rendered. Just another scumbag. I spit at you. 

  13. RogueGoverment

    The house passed the bill but the Senate will smash it…Its more symbolic
    than anything else but it does show that 39 Democrats jumped ship because
    they’re trying to save their butts in the 2014 elections…LOL

  14. william sego

    President Obama threaten to blow the whole thing up by saying he will not
    negotiate, that’s using the same exact tactic that was used against him. He
    obviously I no better then any of the lying bastards.

  15. materialgirl8707

    The only thing that Ofuckercare will bring are doctor and more nurse
    shortages, longer waits at the Doctor’s office and E.R., botched up
    surgeries, malpractice, violations of HIPAA, and more hospital deaths.
    Reform and Affordable care MAH ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. william sego

    I do not have to raise a debt ceiling at home to pay my bills. Why would
    the government who is in 17 trillion dollars of debt have to raise a debt
    ceiling to pay there bills? You are suppose to lower your debt so that you
    can pay off your bills. raising a debt ceiling routinely may have been done
    since the 1950’s but that does not make it right or affordable. It just
    means that they have been over there spending limit since then and have had
    to borrow money that they can not payback, you the tax payer now owes more
    then you have already paid. Your children will have to pay what you didn’t
    get a chance in your slave like lives. That is if you believe In the tax
    system. The legislation passed by the banking system to take money from you
    and put it back into their pocket legally by law. Not morally or ethically.
    But on paper it works. We will never be out of debt if we keep borrowing

  17. Aleksandr Dovgalyuk

    All I keep hearing from you mentally illed folks are “oh, you hate him
    because he’s black” What a stupid comeback. No seriously, you got to be
    mentally illed to say “because he is black, huh?” in every argument against
    Obama. *facepalm*

  18. Kelly L

    this makes me want to puck!! if we default on our bills now it shall be be
    devastating but if you continue to wait longer and longer while we also
    raising our debt it well more devastating then right now. Come on people,
    our country has 17 trillion dollars worth of debt and our(the people) taxes
    we pay only just about pay for the interest on that.

  19. Matt Doak

    Wow, what a crock of shit. I’m glad things are working out for you man, but
    why do you have to play the race card like that? You haven’t heard ONE
    genuinely reasonable criticism regarding the President? I’ll have you know
    I voted for him the first time around, and even got a little choked up when
    I watched him get sworn in. It is as far from being about race as it can be
    for me, I simply am disgusted by the administration and it’s policies. I
    even gave it 3 years before I criticized him at all.

  20. Octavio P

    Why don’t you all stop being hypocrite, and admit that one of the reason
    you all hate Obama is because he is black. Regardless what he does, you’ll
    always talk shit. I lost everything when Bush was in charge. I was a
    republican and had money. But lost it all. Now thanks to Obama, I am
    getting my life back. He is the best president we have had since Clinton,
    and you all know it. But all you care is his color. I rather have a black
    president and have money, than a white one and be Broke.

  21. mrpuppyman

    obama has done nothing beneficial to this country since he entered
    office…every is still going downhill. even faster than when bush was in
    office. stop pretending that obama is your fucking savior because the
    country’s in a shittier place than before he was president. wake the fuck

  22. Steven Kronk

    up a significant amount too. Why the hell has America let this LIAR
    continue? Time to step up America and get rid of him, or else ENGLAND will
    become the best place to live in the world.

  23. Steven Kronk

    Wanna hear a sad true story Obama fans? A good friend of my mother’s has
    severe type 1 diabetes and has to be inspected by a physician at least once
    a month, and she relies heavily on her insulin to live. Today, she received
    a LETTER that her insurance coverage was entirely cancelled. She contacted
    3 other major insurance providers and pleaded to pay extra fines/whatever
    she could just to get coverage, and they DENIED her because of her pre
    existing condition. Oh yeah, and our rates will be goin

  24. Crash Gordon

    Obama`s one of the biggest bull shiters in the world thats all a bunch of
    lies don`t believe a word the idiots saying. Oh and look it all the paid
    puppets in the back ground they all clap there hands at the same time after
    some one holds up the clap sign. What a sick joke this is to all us
    American citizens. I say impeach president Obama before he starts a WORLD
    WAR 3 in Syria

  25. Muzzy337

    Sorry Obama, but YOU ARE A NATIONAL DISGRACE. Your embarrassing
    administration is an epic clusterfuck because you are NOT A LEADER. Resign
    in shame now and APOLOGIZE for your pretending you know what you’re doing.

  26. toms53001

    Obama is either the biggest liar on the planet. Or he’s one delusional coon
    who’s brain is being eaten away by some kind of monkey virus.

  27. toms53001

    Well that’s because you’re a monkey voter. Hopefully you’ll be dead soon,
    then all your worries will be for naught.


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