The Nightmare That Is OBAMACARE!!! “It’ll Be Cheaper In A Year!”

The Nightmare That Is OBAMACARE!!!

October 07, 2013 Al Jazeera News

The best late-night Obamacare jokes

President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare roll out is off to a rocky start. On Background looks at the late-night talk-show hosts reveling in the chaos. …
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26 thoughts on “The Nightmare That Is OBAMACARE!!! “It’ll Be Cheaper In A Year!”

  1. Huey Freeman

    That’s because your question was typed without any thought behind it or any
    real motivation other than my comment was the comment you chose to make a
    stupid remark on. Please, enlighten me with a bullet if you think you can
    threaten me directly/indirectly.

  2. Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez

    Do help? That is it’s purpose. ROFLMAO. How does the federal government
    help pay for something when it is a direct tax on consumption? LOL. Wow.

  3. PolitiKings

    U cant be that ignorant! NEWSFLASH – Everything the govt spends comes from
    taxes. So u are right, Federal gas taxes do help pay for the roads. Thank
    you for confirming that the Federal govt helps pay for our highway system.
    Just like I said! 😀

  4. PolitiKings

    If it came natural then Americans would not have elected Federal
    politicians to build the national highways! And, yes, the Federal govt
    partially pays for the national highways. The States also pay a share. Ur
    question seems to indicate that you didnt know that.

  5. Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez

    Moron. We don’t need a system for that. It comes natural with commerce.
    Each state takes care of there leg of road. I take it you think the fed
    pays for the roads too huh?

  6. PolitiKings

    You might be ok in ur log cabin (LOL), but the country would be much worse
    off without a national system of roads for interstate commerce and general
    travel! All I need you to do now is admit that ur a Conservative Republican
    that believes the country would be better off with highways and you will
    have served ur purpose! 😀

  7. Henry Mound

    Hey, if we stopped funding endless wars I would’ve been the first person in
    favor of Single Payer. Not many people are going to care if healthcare is
    run as a welfare program if we actually have the money to pay for it… but
    we don’t.

  8. Han Grahamcock

    Keep laughing pal! And keep paying your taxes to the Federal Empire like a
    slave. Search “Rick Simpson” to learn about treating your own cancer(or
    never getting it). What would I do without Interstate Highways? Um, I think
    I’d be OK sir. FYI, America existed without a standing army(and Interstate)
    until WW2. Life is more enjoyable to laugh with others and not at them!
    Peace PK

  9. PolitiKings

    Sounds like u just said if u got cancer u would go ahead and die after
    treating yourself with cannabiniods! LMAO If treating urself for cancer was
    so successful then everyone would do it! Ur hilarious! 😀 We wouldnt have
    an Interstate Highway System without money from the Federal Govt to
    construct and maintain it! Oh, there goes ur idea about all roads
    completely paid for by the States! Ignorance is bliss for u, right? Ur idea
    that America would still exist without an army is laughable!

  10. 888strummer

    “As a rule rates in New York are going down”. And why’s that? Because the
    lady read an article in the NY Times that said rates in NY were dropping.
    But this is complete bs for many of us in NY. These people know nothing.
    Rates in NY for people who work are not dropping. They’re rising and a good
    policy is close to $6,000/year for those of us who work. Family of 4 are
    not subsidized if they have decent jobs. Instead they’ll need $15,000 or
    more for their families insurance

  11. sharoncmills

    Maybe the politico idiot can explain how I can afford this fiasco this
    year. My husband and I started a business after he lost his job. We have
    individual insurance we like at about $600 a month. Our insurer, BCBS, told
    us our policy will end Jan 1. The estimate I got from the exchange for
    similar coverage is $2000. We can’t afford this. Don’t know what we are
    going to.


    I blame John Roberts and the four Dem Supreme Court justices who said this
    was constitutional under the Congress tax powers. Da Fuq?!

  13. mm ix

    we already pay more in healthcare by paying higher taxes to pay for the
    uninsured. it’s not attached to your healthcare costs, today. but now
    income taxes will be less because costs for the uninsured will come out of
    the higher income bracket like this engineer, here.

  14. SafelyInconsistant

    The government is denying death benefits to the poor families that have
    lost a loved one due to falling in battle! And now these assholes, the
    government, has the sack to send raids into Libya where more troops are
    risking their lives. This is disgusting!


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