The New House Republican Leadership – Press Conference

House Republicans elected members into leadership positions for the 113th Congress this afternoon, listed below: Speaker of the House: Rep. John Boehner (R-O…

6 thoughts on “The New House Republican Leadership – Press Conference

  1. memama2

    House Conference – you better understand this Republic is relying on you to
    stop the Obama insanity. Ask the hard questions of The President. He said
    “his ambassador of the U.N.” had all the info she was told? So when did
    Obama and Hillbillary create the lie then? Create a con the U.S. Ambassador
    promoted and kept going under The President and Valarie Jarrett’s watch!
    You have to help this Republic take a stand in word and deed to save this
    Constitution and the lives of our trusting military.

  2. Raydel Duarte

    How beautiful is Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers? Man. Who doesn’t love a
    beautiful, conservative, woman? Paul Ryan 2016

  3. memama2

    I have decided to fly my wonderful U.S. Flag upsidedown until Obama leaves
    the whitehouse for good. This Nation is in dire distress. In peril from by
    a commander in chief who lies and denies and blames and blusters. Obama as
    good as pulled the trigger on Libya Ambassador and Navy Seals. His cons and
    far left craziness have us as a Nation in destructive distress. I am
    joining others whose Flag will be displaying this how evil this Obama
    administration has all become.


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