The Future of Obamacare

Senator Lee and Sean Hannity discuss what changes will likely result from the failing roll out of Obamacare.

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14 thoughts on “The Future of Obamacare


    Ok Ok we have had it with obamacare… Let’s trash the whole thing and get
    on with life in the USA… Fix voter ID before we vote and have someone in
    the US count the votes this time…

  2. franklin mentality

    Obama is going to go down in history as the worst president this once great
    country ever had. He has caused so much misery for the taxpayers We can
    only blame the Obama supporters for getting this lier and chief elected.

  3. Lipsnx4u

    This law (which only democrats voted in) is unconstitutional & in
    reality no more than a process of enslaving American’s esp. the youth under
    jizya payments to muslim brotherhood. This is about gathering a fraudulent
    voter base for 2014 passing illegal immigration while bringing more & more
    illegal muslims in & stacking the court w/corrupt federal judges under
    sharia law. Arrest the illegal in the white house.

  4. annieladysmith

    Control of health care is the back door entrance to complete and resolute
    tyranny. Why use weapons when they can just give u a mandatory flu shot.

  5. bonnie beme

    To the one who sings that everyone should get free health care you are the
    ignorant 1. There is not a country in this world that can afford free
    health care for everyone.

  6. Diademglo

    I am sorry, but we need to get health care for every American no matter
    what it is called, lets not be ignorant.

  7. Margaret Pfeiffer

    Everything is fixing to crash on top of everyone!! Very sad that this was
    even allowed to go through…..thank you Pink !! XO

  8. tyronebiggums3

    Here’s a crazy idea…
    Government, get out of healthcare. Instead, promote healthy foods, rather
    than backing big-agra and big-pharma with their toxic, chemical laden foods
    and drugs to ease the symptoms of their destruction on the human body.
    Ain’t gonna happen, though–no money to be made in healthy people.


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