The Five: Should White House Admit ObamaCare Redistributes Wealth?

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3 thoughts on “The Five: Should White House Admit ObamaCare Redistributes Wealth?

  1. mexluver05

    Im a moderate Republican who believes in Obamacare and the redistribution
    of wealth. I believe in Universal Health care. Im sorry but no one should
    go without health or education and im willing to give up some of my money
    to help another.´╗┐

  2. Vincent Jones

    Some knuckle heads cannot distinguish between greed and ambition (usually
    they call themselves democrats). And redistribution of wealth is for idiots
    and commies, as if LA has the same amount of wealth as it did 130 years
    ago, only it has just been divided up (a couple thousand people then
    compared to millions now)! Democrats ARE big government, they are one and
    the same. We used to fight commies and dictators (we have graveyards full
    of soldiers who died fighting it) and now we put them in our White House,
    how much more stupid can the USA get, before it collapses?´╗┐


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