The best argument against Obamacare

The people don’t want more power in the hands of the government that can be used against them.

23 thoughts on “The best argument against Obamacare

  1. Christian Bohm

    I don’t have the feeling this conversation leads to anything. But as far as
    I am informed your health care won’t be touched, just like it is handled in
    europe.For me personally Health IS a right,just like security.Why should
    something so fundamental not be a right?Oh, and you can be sure that you
    nightmare tales about “incredible long of waiting time” are just some
    teaparty-tales to scare people. I actually live in germany, let me tell
    you-this is absolute nonsense. Don’t believe those lies.

  2. Brian McKinny

    Germany has 1/10th the population, let alone economy. And you know what
    about those ‘Tea Party Tales’, as you call them?? THey’ve all been
    absolutely correct. So don’t YOU believe all you hear on CNN
    International… Health Care is NOT a right. Access to it is. And everyone
    here has access to it. Mr. Bohn, you really don’t know what you’re talking
    about. We’re not Europe, and we have no wish to be like Europe – which is
    WHY this country exists in the first place.

  3. Brian McKinny

    Glad you feel free… You don’t throw out the vast majority of people with
    their own health care just to cover poor people. What is Medicaid for??
    It’s not the government’s responsibility to provide health care. It’s NOT a
    RIGHT. And you couldn’t be more wrong when you say that it “works great in
    the majority of the industry (industrial*) nations.” It doesn’t. People
    wait incredibly long amounts of time for services that are provided in the
    US almost instantly by comparison.

  4. Josh DeGraw

    You can disagree with me, a fellow Utahn, on politics. But don’t attempt to
    convince us that you didn’t shut down the government with Ted Cruz. We know
    what you did, Mike Lee, and you’re destroying the stability of the United
    States, and you might just help kill the Republican Party.

  5. Christian Bohm

    Oh, so I am not free? I feel very free. Especially because I don’t have to
    be afraid of health problems. Ask the millions of poor people without
    medicare how well the private sector cares for them. Nobody wants to take
    your private health care, it just stops people from monetizing your health.
    It works great in the majority of the industry nations. Why shouldn’t it
    work in the states?

  6. Brian McKinny

    Because you don’t understand what makes our country great – a free society,
    where we are free from government mandating that we purchase things we may
    not necessarily want or even need. We are fighting this fight against the
    socialization of the American health care system because the government
    does nothing right, let alone better than it can be done in the private
    sector. My health is not a political football. You should learn more about
    this country before you say such idiotic things.

  7. Christian Bohm

    I am from germany. In europe everybody is shaking there heads about you
    americans. You’re destroying your government, because you want to stop them
    repair your totally broken healthsystem. I just don’t get it.

  8. Richard Carter

    if we are bringing in over 200 billion per month and the interest on our
    debt is only 20 billion, then tell the left to go climb a tree. hold the

  9. taylor stapleton

    hey its ok. you can just do what the government does right? not pay your
    bills? you’re gonna be fine my friend.

  10. Pea Nut

    Ask how long the government is giving themselves to pay their subsidized
    share of the premium. (hint: correct answer: 9 months!) That’s right.
    Consumers have to make their 1st payment by 12/15/13 but not the government!

  11. Bihl Cosbi

    Fox is so worried about the republican ‘brand’. They should start worrying
    about how Obama and the democrats are screwing us with this deathcare

  12. MrWhatwhathuh

    Lets see , rent ,gas and electric,phone, cable, car payment, car insurance,
    food and spending money, plus a monthly healthcare plan. Now I’m spending
    way more than i make. That makes me the working poor. So no, i will not be
    buying obomacare. Don’t like living paycheck to paycheck for the rest of my

  13. Aidan Mackenzie

    the president didn’t shut down the ww2 memorial just to be mean. He listed
    it as a result of the shutdown a month before hand. It was shut down the
    least time too so you are just grabbing any and every thing you possibly
    can and claiming the president.


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