Ted Cruz FULL Meet The Press Interview On Defunding Obamacare w David Gregory

Ted Cruz FULL Meet The Press Interview On Defunding Obamacare w David Gregory. ted cruz defunding obamacare meet the press interview with david gregory video…

25 thoughts on “Ted Cruz FULL Meet The Press Interview On Defunding Obamacare w David Gregory

  1. Razzak Mohammad Abdur

    If anyone has any shred of intellect, it should not difficult to understand
    that Mr. TED Cruz is an idiot. 

  2. chickenwretch

    Ted Cruz is no prophet he merely had the guts to come out and tell everyone
    the truth…even those morons like McCain and Reid can’t handle the truth,
    not a peep out them now. The provacateurs and DNC moles in the GOP are
    being exposed both in Congress and in the conservative media.

  3. Michael Walzer

    Of course, the reason that Harry Reid doesn’t want to “budge” is because
    the Affordable Care Act is a law…that was passed by congress…signed by
    the President…and declared constitutional by the SUPREME COURT. Why
    would he budge when its a law? 

  4. maria abasta

    U that don’t read the constitution of U.S. U STEPPING ON OUR TERRITORY.
    DONT LIKE IT STEP OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Fabian Boerner

    I rate him by what he is saying and doing, i dont care for some random
    professors. Im not from the US why should i read the constitution of the
    United States of America?

  6. MetalDetroit

    Ted Cruz graduated top of his class at Harvard Law. His professors called
    him the smartest man they ever met. And you call him stupid? I’m willing to
    bet you have not only never read the Constitution, but have never even held
    a copy of it.

  7. rolyatknarfable

    “This mess” was started with GW Bush and the democrats and only continued
    with obama and the democrats. You’re right, the GOP voters are brainwashed.
    We need the Tea Party. Health savings accounts is the answer. Flat tax with
    the IRS dismantled, get rid of Dept of Education and let states control
    schools, develop our own energy and stop buying oil from our enemies, stop
    fighting wars in the Middle East, etc.

  8. Moh Mokh

    Thank God for stupid peoples like Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin,Rush Limbaugh…..
    for dismantling GOP. Who are these idiots??

  9. David Boswell

    in a democracy, the will of the majority, like it or not, rules. The Tea
    Party folks want to have a minority rule-they the fight. Don’t subvert the

  10. Dick Short

    Obamacare may give people insurance, but the problems it causes far
    outweighs the good it would do, which is none. Obamacare will collapse on
    its own. To start with, Obama lied from the start about it. He said
    “premiums will go down”. A lie. He said that “you may keep your own doctor
    if you want”. Another lie. In the coming months, people who go to sign up
    are going to see thru this & realize that Obama lied about everything he
    said about this worthless program called obmacare.

  11. madylu

    I would love to see this asshole drop his 20,000$ a year policy and have no
    coverage !! Maybe he would shut his f’ing ugly ass up!!!!!

  12. Ivan Campbell

    I don’t know which part U dont understand, so what are we going to do with
    those who have long term ilness that required multiple visit to the doctors
    that insurance dont want to insure them. and the one that are insure but
    are suffering for long term ilness and their insurance providers don want
    to continue providing coverage because they become a liability to the
    company. U are keep giving me that cheap talk that wont sell the reason
    that taxes were created

  13. Ivan Campbell

    Well there are pople working the problem is insurance are unaffordable in
    which world are U living???????

  14. gfm9

    And they shouldn’t have to provide insurance. That’s just an added extra
    that some employers offer to their employees. You can buy individual plans
    for yourself because you know what suits your needs best. Yes there are
    problems, but Obamacare isn’t the solution. A good start would be to allow
    it to be purchasable across state lines to increase competition and to
    lower prices.


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