Ted Cruz Bashes Obamacare and Talks ‘Single Biggest Lie in Politics’ in Iowa – Defendors of Freedom

10/26/13 – Ted Cruz spoke on Saturday at the Defenders of Freedom fundraiser in Iowa, hosted by Republican Congressman Steve King. Cruz spent a significant p…
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23 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Bashes Obamacare and Talks ‘Single Biggest Lie in Politics’ in Iowa – Defendors of Freedom

  1. frederick4455

    Liberals posting here are scared…scared of their destruction…I’ll be
    there pulling the trigger…assholes

  2. coltor9

    The GOP lies! The GOP Ryan Plan has the exact same plan for seniors on
    Medicare! Yes. The Ryan Plan puts 70 million seniors on a private insurance
    exchange where 70 million go to a website to purchase private Medicare
    insurance. The GOP are frauds

  3. mirage790

    Great video, but why did it stop there? Would have been better to hear the
    rest of the main part of the speech instead of his lead in, cute as it was.

  4. mirage790

    Obama wasn’t born in America, so what is he doing in the presidency?
    Because George Soros groomed him and put him there.

  5. dallasdawg2010

    The guy at the forefront of appealing Obamacare was born into socialized
    and lived under socialized medicine until the age of four. Wow! Maybe Ted
    Cruz has a point about socialized medicine. Look how

  6. richardcarr0555

    FACT – Obama just gave a Canadian firm CSI (campaign contributor)
    600,000,000. dollars and they outsourced the labor to India..thats a slap
    in our face.. OBAMA IS A PEICE OF FUCKING SHIT!..

  7. MyEyesBled

    Oh please, we liberals are praying real hard for this guy to run and win
    the republican nomination for President in 2016

  8. chocolateking1

    You people are fucking ridiculously stupid. HE WASN’T BORN IN AMERICA HE

  9. chocolateking1

    That has nothing to do with Obamacare sir. Thank you. On a side note since
    we are doing side notes. Why do you listen to immigrant Ted Cruz. He will
    never be able to run because he wasn’t born in america….

  10. Kerrie Kerns

    Cruz is such an idiot. The good thing about him though is that he is
    helping destroy the Republican party one day at a time.

  11. Roscoe Roscoe

    Obama is NOT an idiot – he knows exactly what he wants to do. Collapse the
    economy, promote a 3rd world war in the middle east resulting in millions
    fewer people. The New World Order — rising up out of the chaos. And he’s
    got the backing of the low lifes whose gov’t checks will fail in the $
    collapse and this once great nation will consume itself with blood flowing
    through out the land – coast to coast. Welcome new world order

  12. Rev55

    GOP says delay Obamacare a year because it doesnt work, Liberals say
    RACIST! RACIST! RACIST! Obama administration says well were gonna delay
    Obamacare 6months to a year, because of slow roll out and glitchy website.
    Liberals pie in face.


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