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Meteors How Safe Are We Congressional Hearing

Meteors How Safe Are We Congressional Hearing

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Eric Holder Says Sequester Makes America Less Safe [2-27-2013]

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WTIU Newsbreak, February 25, 2013

WTIU’s Shameka Neely reports on potential sequestration cuts in Indiana, college students’ frustration with smartphone marketers, and a bill that would requi…

Sequester Defense Spending Cuts 2013: Will The US Be Less Safe After The Ax

Sequester Defense Spending Cuts 2013: Will The US Be Less Safe After The Ax
Because lawmakers couldn't agree on a deficit-cutting plan then, they voted for automatic spending cuts in 2013 unless a plan for balancing the budget was drawn up. So far, that hasn't occurred. And if the status quo remains, $ 1.2 trillion in automatic …
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Optimize Your Gun Safe With Essential Accessories

So you are in the market for a gun safe, or maybe you’ve already found one and are ready to take it home. If so, good for you for taking an important step towards gun accident prevention! However, you are not done shopping yet! There are some great accessories out there that can really optimize your safe in a variety of ways.

Top 3 Gun Safe Accessories

Environmental Control Systems: the air trapped inside your safe can drop in temperature, become humid, and eventually cause condensation which can damage the items inside. Climate control systems work to keep the temperature optimal by circulating warm dry air on a continual basis. This will help keep your valuables nicely preserved.

Security Cables: security cables allow you to secure your safe in most locations by placing one end of the security cable into a slot on the side of your safe. Then, you simply loop the cable around any secure item such as a bed post, or desk leg. If traveling, you can secure it to something secure inside your car or RV. Note: not all safes will have a slot for security cables so before you purchase one double check!

Door Panel Harness: these bad boys allow you to optimize the space inside your safe by allowing you to harness your valuables to the backside of the door panel. It is the least expensive way to free up your shelf space.

All these accessories must be fitted according to the size and style of your safe so keep this in mind while you are shopping around.

Ask an expert for help and advice on the latest and greatest gun safe accessories. For more information about gun safe accessories visit our website now.