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Obamacare ‘Puts in Place Perverse Incentives’: ‘This Week’ Roundtable

Obamacare 'Puts in Place Perverse Incentives': 'This Week' Roundtable

George Will, Cokie Roberts, Donna Brazile, and Rick Klein on Obamacare and immigration.
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Obamacare's Success in Kentucky Could Be The GOP's Worst Nightmare

Enough: Will George Zimmerman (Finally) Be Stripped of His ‘Honorary Whiteness’ by Conservatives?: http://www.afroarticles.com/article-dashboard/Article/Enou…

Friday Roundtable: The battle over sequester budget cuts

Friday Roundtable: The battle over sequester budget cuts
This week on the Friday Roundtable, our panelists will discuss politics and the political calculations that each side is making on sequestration. Who blinks first? Which party bears the scars of the battle over automatic cuts? What should you–the …
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– Startups – News Roundtable with Robert Scoble and Rafe Needleman-TWiST #316

- Startups - News Roundtable with Robert Scoble and Rafe Needleman-TWiST #316

Never miss an episode! Subscribe in iTunes: Audio (bit.ly || Video (bit.ly Need proper terms and policies for your site? Go to www.SnapTerms.com to get started. Terms start at ONLY 9. When you checkout, enter the coupon code TWIST to get a free NDA with every order. New Relic helps you monitor your user experience. Visit http and sign up to receive your free TWiST t-shirt! ============== It’s the last news roundtable of the year! Jason is joined by Robert Scoble of RackSpace and Rafe Needleman of Evernote. The panle discusses the new and back again Instagram TOS. Also, Twitter delivers on @dickc’s promise to download your archive and much more. We’ll see you next year! 0:35 We have a great final show of 2012. Let’s welcome Rafe Needleman of EverNote and Robert Scoble of 3:00 Thanks to SnapTerms for sponsoring the program. 4:45 Rafe how doe sit feel to be out of journalism? 5:25 What is your title at Evernote? 7:25 Let’s talk about the future of ThisWeekIn 9:20 Robert do you think was the right call for me? 15:45 Should Instagram have backtracked after changing their terms of service? Do you think Systom’s plan will work? 18:55 Is this indicative of the purchase of Instagram by Facebook? Do people just not trust Facebook? 20:15 Robert is leaving Facebook/Instagram a growing trend? 22:25 Robert do you trust Facebook? 24:00 Thanks to our sponsor NewRelic. Use code TWiST to get a free month of NewRelic Pro 26:00 Robert is the reason these are inaccessible so they can’t be

December 14, 2012 MSNBC News MOXNews.com
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