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Republican Whip Eric Cantor Discusses President’s Health Care Summit On Fox News’ “On The Record”

Republican Whip Eric Cantor Discusses President's Health Care Summit On Fox News'

Republican Whip Eric Cantor discusses the White House health care summit, post-summit, on Fox News’ “On The Record.” Please rate this video five stars, favor…
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CSU Cancel Admissions for Spring 2013; Approves Pay Hikes for Two Presidents

LONG BEACH (KTLA) — Students in the Cal State system are outraged, after the CSU Board of Trustees approved sizable pay raises for two university presidents, despite major budget cuts and a possible enrollment freeze for Spring 2013 at many Cal State campuses. The trustees approved the pay raises in an 11-3 vote at their bi-monthly meeting in Long Beach on Tuesday. CSU East Bay President Leroy Morishita will receive a base salary of 3660. CSU Fullerton President Mildred will receive a base salary of 4500. That’s 10 percent more than their current salaries, and 10 percent more than their predecessors earned. Ten percent is the maximum raise allowed under a new executive compensation policy the trustees approved in January. The presidents also get a 000 car allowance and a 000 housing allowance. Cal State officials say the higher salaries are necessary to attract and retain leaders. They also point out that presidents in the Cal State system make about 20 percent less than those at other universities. Presidents’ salaries make up about million of the roughly billion Cal State budget. Governor Jerry Brown has voiced his disapproval of the board’s decision. The move also did not sit well with students, coming at the same time as news of a possible enrollment freeze for the spring 2013 semester. No final vote on the proposal was held at Tuesday’s meeting. It’s part of a cost-cutting strategy to reduce enrollment by 16000 students next spring. Most of the

Bill Kristol And Juan Williams Battle Over Obama's Role In Averting Massive, Automatic Spending Cuts

2/10/13 – A heated debate erupted on Fox News Sunday’s panel between liberal columnist Juan Williams and conservative editor of The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol, on Sunday amid a debate about what role President Barack Obama can take in heading off the automatic spending cuts in the sequester. Kristol and Williams battled over whether the onus is on Obama or Congressional Republicans to halt those cuts before they take effect. “Republicans have to take a responsible posture,” Williams said to Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR). “I think there’s an overwhelming consensus on Capitol Hill that a lot of those [deduction and subsidies to corporation and interest groups] can be done away with. So, why not work with the president to avoid sequestration that you say would be draconian?” “Why not just cancel the defense cuts,” Kristol interjected to Williams’ laughter. “What’s so funny?” “This is not a matter of politics,” Kristol continued. “This is going to gut our defenses. If you were a responsible president — you know, you don’t have to save billion this year. That is 4 percent — 4 percent of the deficit. We’re going to endanger our national defenses and shortchange our men and women overseas for the sake of cutting 4 percent from this year’s deficit? It’s totally irresponsible.” Cotton said that a major tax reform bill would take many months to negotiate, but there are unnecessary subsidies in the budget which can be eliminated to offset the sequestration cuts. “So, make a deal