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FULL EVENT President Trump Speech At The National Republican Congressional Committee Dinner 3/21

FULL EVENT President Trump Speech At The National Republican Congressional Committee Dinner 3/21

WATCH LIVE: President Donald Trump Speech At The National Republican Congressional Committee Dinner 3/21/2017

LIVE at 6:30 p.m Trump at the National Republican Congressional Committee Dinner

Home In The News President Trump’s Schedule for Tuesday, March 21st, 2017
President Trump’s Schedule for Tuesday, March 21st, 2017
Posted by: Rich Mitchell in In The News, Trending News March 20, 2017 0

President Donald Trump will start his official schedule on Tuesday with a trip to the U.S. Capitol in order to meet with republicans on the American Health Care Act.
The president will then receive his presidential daily briefing from the intelligence community.
President Trump will then sign the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Transition Authorization Act of 2017 (S.442) which was passed by the senate on Friday is a spending authorization bill that will increase NASA’s funding by 0 million over 2016 levels. The bill also contains policy statements on NASA priorities.
The bill contains policy statements that would reaffirm congressional commitments to the Orion Crew Capsule and the Space Launch System (SLS). NASA would have to provide several reports on the development of those projects, as well as reducing its role in the management of the International Space Station (ISS).
The president will use his afternoon to continue his push for the best replacement for Obamacare as he hosts a session with legislators.
The evening will include President Trump’s attendance of a republican dinner at the National Building Museum.
President Donald Trump’s Schedule for Tuesday, 3/20/2017
9:00 AM Depart The White House en route to the Capitol – South Portico
9:15 AM Meet with the Republican House Conference – U.S. Capitol
10:30 AM Receive daily intelligence briefing – Oval Office
11:00 AM Sign S. 442 which is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Transition Authorization Act of 2017 – Oval Office
3:00 PM Host legislative affairs group meeting, likely on the health care bill – Roosevelt Room
7:30 PM Deliver remarks at the National Republican Congressional Committee March Dinner – National Building Museum
8:10 PM Depart the National Building Museum en route to the White House

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WATCH: President Trump Speech at the National Republican Congressional Committee Dinner (3/21/17)

President Donald Trump Speech At The National Rep. Committee Dinner (3/21/2017)

WATCH: President Trump Speech at National Republican Congressional Committee Dinner 2017 – President Trump Remarks to National Republican Congressional Committee

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Is President Trump redefining the Republican Party?

President Trump riled up conservative voters in a fiery speech at CPAC Friday where he took on his favorite foil — the press. After one month in the Oval Office, is Trump changing the core of the Republican Party? All week long Republican lawmakers have seen voter frustration up close in boisterous town hall meetings across the country as voters upset about the Affordable Care Act confront Congress directly. From immigration to transgender bathroom rights to rising anti-Semitism, the culture wars are heating up in America’s heartland.
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Retired Republican judge calls for Congress to impeach President Trump

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Retired appeals court judge Mark Painter has handed down a lot of opinions over a 30-year career on the bench.

His opinion on fellow Republican President Donald Trump is terse and to the point: Impeach him now.

“America is in danger from one of the most incompetent presidents we’ve ever had and I think we ought to start the process,” Painter told Local 12 via Skype from Orlando, Florida Wednesday afternoon. “The president of the United States sticking up for his family’s enterprises and using public money and features to do it and the power of his office to help his own personal family business is beyond belief.”

Painter says he is convinced Trump’s actions have crossed the threshold of “high crimes and misdemeanors” required for articles of impeachment. He says Trump’s ties to his business empire violate the Constitution’s emoluments clause every time a foreign government does business with one of his developments or hotels. Painter says the questionable, pre-inauguration connection between former national security adviser Michael Flynn and a Russian diplomat is a problem not just for Flynn, but also for Trump.

“Obviously the president knew about Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador way before Trump was sworn in. That would certainly be, by itself, an impeachable offense.”

Painter, a lifetime Republican, has called upon U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Ohio, to start the impeachment process. A Chabot staffer said that won’t happen, because the president has not done anything that is “grounds for impeachment.” Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, suggested that everyone take a deep breath.

“Let’s take a look and see what facts are out there,” Wenstrup told Local 12’s Duane Pohlman. “I don’t think that’s an appropriate conversation at this time.”

Painter obviously disagrees and says impeachment may not be imminent but is likely.

“We grow immune to it, because every day there’s something worse or as bad as the day before. I think there is a lot more likelihood as we go forward, because more and more things will come out.”

Painter served as a Hamilton County Municipal Court judge from 1982-1995. He sat on the Ohio First District Court of Appeals bench from 1995-2009.

WATCH LIVE: President Trump speaks from GOP retreat

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Lindsey Bruce for liberty writers news reports, For a second there I actually thought that the establishment Republicans in Congress were paying attention to the people and what they want. I was wrong. Today on CNN, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that the Republican majority Congress will NOT be funding Trump’s investigation into voter fraud.

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FULL SPEECH: President Donald Trump at GOP Retreat in Philadelphia

Addressing members of Congress in Philadelphia on Thursday, Trump says “it’s nice to win, it’s been a while.”

He launched into a riff that he used frequently on his postelection thank you tour to some of the battleground states he won in November.

Trump portrayed Pennsylvania as “the one that got away” from Republicans in previous elections and plugged his own victory there.

He then touted how, with Republicans controlling both the White House and Congress, that “now is the dawn of a new era.”

Live stream coverage: President Trump Remarks at GOP Retreat President Trump delivers speech at congressional Republicans’ winter retreat in Philadelphia.
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LIVE Stream: US Presidential Election 2016 – Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton (11/08/16)

US election 2016: polls open as Trump and Clinton aim to make history – live – Election polls: Trump vs Clinton, who is in the lead?

US voters head to the polls to elect a new leader in a presidential election which sees Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump contest for the White House. AP will have coverage of voting, results and reaction. This will include live shots of both Clinton and Trump voting, and the eventual concession and victory speeches from the candidates and party events (location of these is TBA) ++MONITOR FOR UPDATES++

President Obama TRASHES Donald Trump & GOP In Columbus, Oh FULL Speech 10/13/16

President Obama TRASHES Donald Trump & GOP In Columbus, Oh FULL Speech 10/13/16

President Obama got legitimately angry at Republicans suddenly dumping Donald Trump at a campaign stop for Hillary Clinton tonight. He took a more mocking tone towards these Republicans earlier this week but tonight, well, he went ham: “They know better, a lot of these folks who ran, and they didn’t say anything, so they don’t get credit for, at the very last minute, when finally they guy that they nominated and they endorsed and they support is caught on tape saying things that no decent person would even think, much less say, much less brag about, much less brag about or joke about, much less act on, you can’t wait until that finally happens and then say, ‘Oh, that’s too much! That’s enough!’ and think that somehow you are showing any kind of leadership and deserve to be elected to the United States Senate! You don’t get points for that!” He said he’s “more forgiving of the people that actually believe it than the people who know better and stood silently by out of political expediency because it was politically convenient.” The president was amazed by how Republicans are standing by such a morally corrosive man when they’ve said for years they’re the party of “family values.” “I’m sorry, what happened?!” he cried. “It’s disappointing. It really is.”President Obama is making another campaign stop for Hillary Clinton in Columbus, Ohio. The president appears to be enjoying being on the campaign trail again, mocking Donald Trump and Republicans attempting to figure out how to handle him. Watch live below, via NBC News:President Obama TRASHES Donald Trump Campaigning For Hillary Clinton In Columbus Oh, FULL Speech 10/13/16. Michelle Obama’s powerful speech for Hillary Clinton made news Thursday when her voice cracked talking about how disturbed she was by Donald Trump’s statements caught on video in 2005. President Barack Obama is expected to do the same today in his speech in Columbus, Ohio.
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