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Donald Trump, The Republican Nominee goes off in Twitter meltdown over GOP #Twitter

Watch: 27 Days Until The Election of The United States of America. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7YCAJtT1u9g0dhJhe3sONw/live

Former governor reacts to congressional divide over Trump on ‘The Kelly File’
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Republican Split over Trump Persists as Ryan Pulls Back

Republican Split over Trump Persists as Ryan Pulls Back

The day after a contentious and often tense presidential debate, Republicans remained split on whether to support nominee Donald Trump. Trump aggressively attacked Democrat Hillary Clinton in Sunday night’s debate and won praise from his core supporters. But House Speaker Paul Ryan told fellow Republicans in Congress Monday that he would no longer defend Trump on the campaign trail. We have more now on the post-debate political landscape from VOA National correspondent Jim Malone.
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Prominent Republican Leaves The GOP Over Trump

Longtime conservative columnist George Will says he has left the Republican Party because of Donald Trump.

“This is not my party,” he said during a Friday speech to the Federalist Society, according to the conservative-leaning outlet PJ Media…

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Here’s What Put Donald Trump Over The Top

Hearing the news that Donald Trump has clinched the Republican nomination puts Stephen in the fetal position.

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Republicans split over potential Trump effect on US election outcome

Republicans split over potential Trump effect on US election outcome
The Republican Party is having a collective nervous breakdown. At least according to one insider, the journalist and former George Bush speech writer, David Frum. With Donald Trump continuing to poll ahead of Ted Cruz in advance of Tuesday's primary in …
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GOP Chairman Reince Priebus Sees Long Fight Over Donald Trump

GOP Chairman Reince Priebus Sees Long Fight Over Donald Trump
The head of the Republican National Committee braced the party faithful Sunday for what could be the first contested nominating convention in generations, suggesting increasing odds of a showdown this summer over Donald Trump's candidacy. While Mr.
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Trump Secures Clear Lead Over Republican Contenders: 3/6/16 Full Show

On this LIVE Sunday, March 6 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we look into the aftermath of this weekend’s GOP primaries as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz split delegates. GOP strategist Roger Stone reveals Cruz’s questionable associations, including the CFR which is actively trying to destroy national sovereignty. Also, Rubio finished badly in yesterday’s primaries and now Trump is calling for him to exit the race. It would be near impossible for Rubio to win the nomination fairly using the voters
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EXCLUSIVE: Republicans game to pounce on Donald Trump over $250000 fine he

EXCLUSIVE: Republicans game to pounce on Donald Trump over 0000 fine he
ALBANY — Republicans are prepared to attack Donald Trump over a $ 250,000 fine he and his associates once paid to settle a New York State probe into whether he illegally lobbied to stop a proposed Indian-run casino, the Daily News has learned.
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Fear and loathing over Trump among GOP in Congress

Fear and loathing over Trump among GOP in Congress
FILE – In this Feb. 26, 2106 file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks in Fort Worth, Texas. Fear and loathing strikes congressional Republicans faced with the distinct possibility of Donald Trump as their presidential nominee.
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Donald Trump challenged over 9/11, Iraq War comments

Donald Trump challenged over 9/11, Iraq War comments
Columbia, South Carolina (CNN) Donald Trump acknowledged Thursday that he "could have" signaled support for invading Iraq during a 2002 interview with Howard Stern. "It was probably the first time I was asked that question," the GOP presidential …
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