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Republican Senator wrecks every Democratic Liberal Senator ever at Trump Cabinet protest

republican senator wrecks the democratic liberal senators over trumps cabinet picks after stalling betsy devos

original air date:2/6/2017

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senate hearing
liberal senators get wrecked..

Trump says liberal Republican Scott Brown would make a great VP

Trump says liberal Republican Scott Brown would make a great VP
This is especially worrisome because Trump will have the opportunity, if elected president, to make several Supreme Court picks. What if he picks liberals for those, too? It was a bit unnerving when he said his sister, who is an extremely liberal judge …
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Gun Control – An Inside Look at the Liberal Mind

Have you ever wondered why liberals are in favor of more gun control laws? Looking past the obvious and stated arguments put forward by liberals (crime, etc.) we delve into the minds of liberals – offering a few possibilities for their strange behavior.

Liberals tend to be in favor of reducing personal responsibility while increasing the responsibility of government to look after the welfare of people. This is seen in the liberal position on abortion (why should a woman be held responsible for her actions – just kill the unborn baby), gun control (people don’t kill – guns kill), welfare (people can’t earn money – give it to them), etc. Is it possible the liberal thought process is more like that of a child than an adult? Is it possible that liberals are merely children who have never fully developed adult thought processes?

Just as liberals attempt to remove responsibility away from the individual – children are not quick to take responsibility for their actions. However, liberals are clever enough to attempt to disguise their positions with interesting (but childish) arguments. For example, a woman’s lack of personal responsibility and subsequent accountability has been cleverly disguised as “a woman’s right to choose”. This type of reasoning makes little sense to the educated mind.

Seen again in the welfare debate – liberals attempt to diminish personal responsibility by suggesting the government give people money – simply because they don’t work. Again, the unstated assertion is that people should not be held responsible for having a job and earning money – they should be cared for by others.

While the arguments in favor of more gun control tend to revolve around crime, the assertion is that crimes would not be committed if there were no guns. Any fully developed adult mind will quickly recognize this argument as childish. However, there are a large number of adults in this world (known as liberals) who hold these views and attempt to convince others of their validity.

Regardless of the argument, the question remains – why would any adult with a fully developed mind attempt to convince others of these childish ideas? Even worse, how can an adult – with a fully developed mind – believe these childish ideas? Perhaps we’ll never know the answers to these questions. However, as science progresses and research methods become more sophisticated – answers will be revealed.

E Lawrence Welch

Mr. Welch is a student of politics, life, love, marriage and relationships. Also, he owns and operates an online retail holster store – Pyle Mountain Holsters Additionally, he maintains the political blog And Another Thing