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Inside the Republican Party's Desperate Mission to Stop Donald Trump

Inside the Republican Party's Desperate Mission to Stop Donald Trump
Addressing a luncheon of Republican governors and donors in Washington on Feb. 19, he warned that Donald J. Trump's increasingly likely nomination would be catastrophic, dooming the party in November. But Mr. Rove, the master strategist of George W.
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KHN’s Mary Agnes Carey and Politico Pro’s David Nather talk with Jackie Judd about lawmakers’ return to work this week on lowering the federal deficit and ho…
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Inside Story Americas – America’s fiscal turbulence

Just two months on from the last major political showdown over the US’s budget deficit, Washington’s politicos are arguing over the potential impact of automatic budget cuts which could hit on this week. The sequester was originally devised in 2011 to force Democrats and Republicans to strike a deal to cut the US deficit. But both sides seem to be poles apart with Republicans keen to reduce spending while Democrats want to raise revenue by ending taxbreaks for the wealthy. Inside Story Americas, with presenter Kimberly Halkett, spoke to Jo Comerford, the executive director of the National Priorities project, about the practical effects the cuts could have on the US and its citizens. To discuss the US’s fiscal turbulence, we are also joined by guests: John Feehery, a Republican strategist; and John Nichols, Washington Correspondent for The Nation magazine.

Inside the DoD: Feb. 22, 2013

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced a new medal on Feb. 13, the Distinguished Warfare Medal. The new medal will be awarded to service members directly affecting combat operations who may not be who may not be geographically collocated. For more on this story: www.defense.gov Former US Army Staff Sgt. Clint Romesha was presented the Medal of Honor from President Barack Obama for his actions during a battle in Afghanistan in October of 2009. Romesha was also honored a day later when he was inducted into the Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes by Secretary Panetta. He spoke at the Pentagon and had this to say: “Four hundred Taliban versus 53 American soldiers: it just doesn’t seem fair … for the Taliban.” To learn more about this story: www.defense.gov The month of February is recognized by the United States as African American History Month. Today, nearly 18 percent of the all-volunteer military are African-American, and nine percent of officers. Brig. Gen. Stephen Twitty, Deputy Chief of Staff Communication, International Security Assistance Force, United States Forces – Afghanistan, and Clarence Johnson, Director, Diversity Management and Equal Employment Opportunity, share their thoughts on what the month means to them. To see the full special: www.defense.gov President Obama addressed reporters during a press conference about looming sequestration, which could be triggered March 1, if Congress fails to agree on a budget by then. Additionally, Under Secretary Of Defense
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BBC’s 1982 adaptation of PC Wren’s classic Foreign Legion tale. Fantastic acting performances , but low-budget battle scenes. It’s about time a new version of this was made. Benedict Taylor …. Michael ‘Beau’ Geste Anthony Calf …. Digby Geste Jonathon Morris …. John Geste A particularly excellent performance by John Forgeham as Sergeant Major Lejaune.

Inside Story Americas – Why do Americans love their guns?

The US has more legally-held guns per person than in any other developed nation but thousands are shot and killed every year. So how did guns become embedded in American culture? Guests: David Burnett, Elliot Fineman, Hubert Williams.

This week’s show discusses; Bob Costas’ gun control firestorm, NY Post’s DOOMED cover, Fox punishes Rove?, Soledad O’Brien on defining race in the US and a journalist’s story of life with his son

Gun Control – An Inside Look at the Liberal Mind

Have you ever wondered why liberals are in favor of more gun control laws? Looking past the obvious and stated arguments put forward by liberals (crime, etc.) we delve into the minds of liberals – offering a few possibilities for their strange behavior.

Liberals tend to be in favor of reducing personal responsibility while increasing the responsibility of government to look after the welfare of people. This is seen in the liberal position on abortion (why should a woman be held responsible for her actions – just kill the unborn baby), gun control (people don’t kill – guns kill), welfare (people can’t earn money – give it to them), etc. Is it possible the liberal thought process is more like that of a child than an adult? Is it possible that liberals are merely children who have never fully developed adult thought processes?

Just as liberals attempt to remove responsibility away from the individual – children are not quick to take responsibility for their actions. However, liberals are clever enough to attempt to disguise their positions with interesting (but childish) arguments. For example, a woman’s lack of personal responsibility and subsequent accountability has been cleverly disguised as “a woman’s right to choose”. This type of reasoning makes little sense to the educated mind.

Seen again in the welfare debate – liberals attempt to diminish personal responsibility by suggesting the government give people money – simply because they don’t work. Again, the unstated assertion is that people should not be held responsible for having a job and earning money – they should be cared for by others.

While the arguments in favor of more gun control tend to revolve around crime, the assertion is that crimes would not be committed if there were no guns. Any fully developed adult mind will quickly recognize this argument as childish. However, there are a large number of adults in this world (known as liberals) who hold these views and attempt to convince others of their validity.

Regardless of the argument, the question remains – why would any adult with a fully developed mind attempt to convince others of these childish ideas? Even worse, how can an adult – with a fully developed mind – believe these childish ideas? Perhaps we’ll never know the answers to these questions. However, as science progresses and research methods become more sophisticated – answers will be revealed.

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