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Republican Whip Eric Cantor & Ambassador Dore Gold Speak At Iran Press Conference

Earlier today, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Ambassador Dore Gold spoke at a press conference on Iran. Please rate this video five stars and favorite it. Subsc…

Rep. Eric Cantor went up against Rep. Rahm Emanuel and completely whipped him.
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Diablo 3 – CM/WW wizard 3-billion gold budget gearing PT1

Thread: us.battle.net So this is my final budget videos with a budget of 3-billion gold ! Enjoy! PART 2: www.youtube.com
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A look at a sample miniaturized, micro-scale army & battleground possibility my Battle for Kydéa concept which you can learn more about by visiting www.LEGOJANG.com & searching for “Kydea” or browsing by the Battle for Kydea topic. ————————————————————————- FIRST! Comments such as “First” and “2nd” and “under 300 views” are deleted on sight. Consider this a courtesy! The entire world deeply despises these comments, and when I don’t delete them myself, they receive deeply vile responses from the viewing public, usually laced with profanity and deep-cutting personal insults. ————————————————————————- Responses to Frequently Asked Questions: Q: When will you publish your next video? A: When I can. As an adult with an adult life & adult responsibilities, I am not always able to devote time to LEGO. Q: How much does [some LEGO set] cost? A: Visit Google.com — search for the product by name, then hit the Shopping results link to quickly & easily see the current price range. Q: Where where did you get or can I buy [some LEGO set]? A: Generally LEGO items can be purchased from toy stores, large general stores like Target/Argos or Walmart, or from eBay sellers. Visit Google.com — search for the product by name, then hit the Shopping results link to quickly & easily see where you can buy it. Q: What does MOC stand for? A: My Own Creation. It means anything custom-made, not following

Diablo 3 – CM/WW wizard 1-billion gold budget gearing PT3

Diablo 3 - CM/WW wizard 1-billion gold budget gearing PT3

Gearing thread: us.battle.net Profile: us.battle.net Please check out my 1mil – 50mil – 250mil videos as well on my channel Thanks please leave comments 🙂 **** also I made a mistake in my speech about tasker gloves later on, I meant that they can’t roll CD/CC/IAS and AR. They can roll CD/CC/IAS ***** Enjoy!

The raging debate in Washington over the debt ceiling may help to determine the short-term fate of our nation – but the battle over the long-term future of our democracy isn’t being fought on Capitol Hill. Voter Suppression ID laws, cuts to early voting, long lines in heavily Democratic precincts, and new hurdles to voter registration are nothing compared to this latest vote-rigging scheme. While most of us are focused on “fiscal cliffs” and budget battles in Washington, DC, the real fight for the future of our democracy is, right now, happening in State legislatures in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan.

Chariot of Gold

Someone is killing the great minds of the Helios intellectual society and its leader is determined to get to the bottom of it after the third member, a distinguished archaeologist, is hospitalized and dies from an inexplicable disorder. Suspecting that it’s an inside job, Helios leader Graham Deauville has Devon inspect the group’s premises while Bonnie is inducted into the organization. Michael does a little checking on his own and fears for Bonnie’s safety upon discovering that she’s actually failed the Helios entrance exams. He tries to get her out of the place but he’s too late — the Helios scientists have already given her some mind-control drugs, and she orders him at gun point to take her back. Believing nuclear holocaust to be inevitable, Deauville’s group has been building an underground city with the dig site as their cover — until Litton got wind of their plan and threatened to go to the authorities. hey had no choice but to eliminate him, and now intend to do the same with Michael. They also want KITT, whom they reprogram to commit a robbery. Their multi-million dollar dreams fails to come to fruition when Michael, together with his trusty — albeit temporarily reprogrammed Knight 2000 — foils the robbery attempt.
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MW3: Road To Gold – (KSG 12)

*NEW* Damage and Grip are needed to control this beast of a shotgun in this addition of “Road To Gold”. It took about 17 hours to get level 31 but the gold finish is so worth it. If you are to choose a gold gun of your own then perhaps the KSG 12 is for you! Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed this episode of “Road To Gold”! Follow Me On Twitter! www.Twitter.com

Mass Effect 2 - Facing A Thresher Maw & Mordin: Old Blood - Episode 49

Continuing Grunt’s Rite of Passage today we hit the keystone again and bring forth our biggest opposition yet, summoning a Thresher Maw from the depths as we challenge one on foot for the first time! However that isn’t our final challenge as Gatatog Uvenk tries to recruit Grunt as a weapon for his cause and not the proud Krogan warrior he is, wanting to displace Wrex as leader of the species, we make sure the coup doesn’t ever take place at the end of a gun. After satisfying Grunt and gaining him a place within clan Urdnot, we then see to Mordin’s business on Tuchanka and start his loyalty mission, with Maelon taken captive by clan Weyrloc who in turn control the Blood Pack, we attempt to shut down their operation while morally brow beating Mordin into submission over his past scientific endeavours.
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