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Elizabeth Warren SHAMES Republicans, Trump For Cutting Workers’ Rights

Republicans are up to their usual antics–cutting worker safety regulations on large corporations who have donated millions to Republican campaigns and stiffing American workers–but Senator Elizabeth Warren isn’t having any of it.

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The White House
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[Elizabeth Drew] Causes of Trump's Republican success

[Elizabeth Drew] Causes of Trump's Republican success
Whatever becomes of his candidacy — whether he wins the Republican Party's nomination or is even elected president of the United States — Americans and the rest of the world will be wondering for a long time how the phenomenon of Donald Trump …
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Elizabeth Warren vs Hillary Clinton ศึกในพรรค Democrat

จีนดัน AIIB ในขณะที่สหรัฐฯบอก ADB พร้อมร่วมมือ – โลกสร้าง ‘Sharing Economy’ เพื่อลดพ่อค…

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Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren Aren’t the Same

The differences between Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/clinton-vs-warren-big-differences-despite-claims-cont…
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Hilary's negro dialect

March 4, 2007 — Selma, Alabama Racist Elitist Femminazi Progressive Hillary Clinton – light-skinned and HAVING a Negro dialect when she WANTED one http://www…
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