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Trump's Unpopularity Could Put GOP House Control in Danger

Trump's Unpopularity Could Put GOP House Control in Danger
The path for Democrats to win control of the House of Representatives is steep and complicated, but plausible, particularly if Donald Trump emerges as the GOP presidential nominee. It's long been clear that either party could win the White House or the …
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Republican Establishment Still Thinks It Can Control Trump

The RNC believes that they can now control Donald Trump. Not in the primaries, but in the general election. They claim to have leverage. They don’t. Cenk Uygur, host of the The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Ultimately, this post is about Reince Priebus, the theatrically incompetent chairman of the Republican National Committee, and his latest attempt to persuade the GOP establishment that he’s not as impotent and helpless as Donald Trump makes him look…

The plan, in other words, is to persuade the man who ran roughshod over the entire party establishment to do what that very same establishment tells him is best. The idea, presumably, is that the candidate who won by flamboyantly breaking all of the unwritten rules will suddenly listen to those he vanquished. Why? Because of … voter data. And field operations. And so he doesn’t sound “inflammatory” or “divisive.”

Calling this one of the stupidest, most pathetic, most denial-ridden and ridiculous strategies in the history of high-stakes American politics may be understating the case.”*

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The Republican presidential frontrunner responds on ‘Fox News Sunday’
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Gun Control and Mass Shootings: Facts, Lies and God

“Gun Control and Mass Shootings: Facts, Lies and God” is a mini-documentary answering the critical questions that rarely get asked amidst the gun control debate that explodes after every mass shooting in America. What is an ‘assault weapon’? Do less guns mean less violent crime? Do stricter gun laws prevent mass shootings? Do gun free zones work? Do antidepressant drugs share in the blame? What does history teach us about governments that enacted gun control? Does the Constitution protect the right to own semi-autos? Why aren’t we outraged when children are murdered by drones? Is there a deeper reason within us as to why we want to ban guns? Where is God in all of this? SUBSCRIBE: facebook.com/aaronlujan
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Regarding the developing story of an Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, which the whole nation is fixated on, and absolutely sick about at the moment (appropriately so). It’s December 14th, 2012. Elementary school students have been gunned down in Newton Connecticut – and all gun rights advocates, like myself can talk about is why more guns in society is better. What is wrong with us? Right?! Of course I’m saddened to hear about this tragedy. Of course I’m horrified by every detail of this developing story. Of course I wish it didn’t happen! But now, as an advocate of gun rights, I need to address why… why advocates like myself seem to be responding today – not with tears – but by talking about gun rights. Over the next several days, you’ll hear the question “Why” – Why did this happen again? Why does it keep happening? How do we stop it? Those questions will inevitably lead to arguments from both sides: “No one should have guns” – “More people should have guns”. There will be countless arguments presented supporting each side from voices in politics and the media. Some of the loudest voices will make confident statements claiming that new, restrictive laws of one form or another are the answer. That gun rights advocates are perpetuating a culture of violence and that political groups like the National Rifle Association should share the blame for the deaths that occurred. “Get rid of the guns, and you’ll get rid of the violence” – this will be the
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Right on Cue: Obama Exploits ‘Batman Massacre’ to Pass Gun Control!

Right on Cue: Obama Exploits 'Batman Massacre' to Pass Gun Control!

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SUBSCRIBE NOW!! www.youtube.com AMTV WEBSITE: www.amtvmedia.com GREENEWAVE WEBSITE: www.greenewave.com MY FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com MY TWITTER: twitter.com MY GOOGLE+ plus.google.com -==DONATE LINK==- www.greenewave.com 1-10-2013: On today’s edition of AMTV, Christopher Greene explains that Americans will die after Obama’s executive order to ban guns in America. SOURCES: Biden: Obama Might Use Executive Order to Deal With Guns www.weeklystandard.com (VIDEO) Biden: Obama Considering ‘Executive Order’ to Deal With Guns www.youtube.com Americans never give up your guns english.pravda.ru As liberals propose more gun control, Google searches on ‘Hitler gun control’ spike washingtonexaminer.com Biden pledges urgent Obama action on gun control apnews.myway.com
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