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Trump Continues To Ask Bernie Voters To Support Him

On Wednesday morning, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump responded to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton‘s blistering attack speech with an address of his own, and he kicked it off with an explicit plea to supporters of independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential runner-up Bernie Sanders, who still has not conceded the nomination to Hillary. In the first minutes of his speech, Trump implored Sanders fans to join him in defeating Hillary Clinton, echoing the movement’s complaints about “rigged” elections…

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Donald Trump Kicks Off Anti-Hillary Speech with Pitch to Bernie Sanders Supporters

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Budget Battle Continues with Only Hours Until Cuts

Budget Battle Continues with Only Hours Until Cuts
They were poised to offer an alternative of their own that would give Obama the authority to propose a rewrite to the 2013 budget to redistribute the cuts. Obama would be unable to cut defense by more than the $ 43 billion reduction that the Pentagon …
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MSM Campaign of Deception on Gun Owners Continues

MSM Campaign of Deception on Gun Owners Continues

The agenda-driven cable media outlets have stooped to a new low once again in effort to (openly) support those pushing a gun control agenda. MSNBC’s Martin Bashir claimed that supporters of gun rights attending a public hearing on Monday interrupted the testimony of Neil Heslin, the father of Jesse Lewis, who was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary. A selective edit of the 15 minute testimony deliberately portrayed the gun rights advocates as “hecklers,” by showing some six seconds, including statements regarding ‘the second amendment shall not be infringed.’ www.infowars.com NEW ITEM** [ProOne Water & Fluoride Filter] The ProOne filter by ProPur is a huge breakthrough in water filter technology infowarsshop.com NEW ITEM** [Divide And Conquer Skate Deck] www.infowarsshop.com Your Price:.95 [STAND UP FOR YOUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHT WITH THIS POWERFUL T-SHIRT] infowarsshop.com [New Shirt] Your Price .95 [INFOWARS THE MAGAZINE – FEBRUARY ISSUE www.infowarsshop.com GET YOUR COPY TODAY AND SPREAD THE TRUTH!! [FIGHT FLUORIDE with “Clearly Filtered” – NEW ITEM www.infowarsshop.com [Strategic Relocation Documentary Film Featuring Joel Skousen] www.infowarsshop.com Sale Price .95 [COLD & FLU IMMUNE SUPPORT PACK] The Cold & Flu Immune Support Pack from EnerHealth Botanicals is a great selection of herbal tinctures to help maintain and support your body during cold & flu season. www.infowarsshop.com Retail Price .95 Your Savings .00 Your Price .95** [START GETTING
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The second amendment to The Constitution of the united States of America which clearly states that we have the right to bear arms. Any contradiction in law or action to that God given right protected by the Bill of Rights is TREASON. Many States also have that in their constitution such as Colorado. Despite which, headquarters of FEMA reagion 8, Denver, passed and enforce restrictions on guns. Please do not continue to support this criminal regime that has hijacked and held hostage our government and elected officials. This eugenicist freak show started to show it’s pitiful face on Jekyll Island in 1913 and is going full steam ahead till YOU say stop!! Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns www.youtube.com www.infowars.com KISS ~ Keep It Simple Sheeple
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