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Republican Hindu Coalition Member: Why I Support Donald Trump | Squawk Box | CNBC

Donald Trump makes a lot of sense when he talks business, says Shalabh Kumar, Republican Hindu Coalition, discussing his support of Trump.
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Republican Hindu Coalition Member: Why I Support Donald Trump | Squawk Box | CNBC

Saba Ahmed, President of the Republican Muslim Coalition, Thinks Trump Could

Saba Ahmed, President of the Republican Muslim Coalition, Thinks Trump Could
Jezebel readers likely know Saba Ahmed as the woman who threw Olympic-level shade on Fox News when she wore an American flag hijab. She is also the 30-year-old founder and president of the Republican Muslim Coalition, and she has as much …
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Donald Trump RJC Forum FULL Speech. Trump Republican Jewish Coalition Forum

Donald Trump at the RJC forum who started his speech by mentioning his daughter — Donald Trump on Thursday over Trump’s assertion that Israel should “sacrifice certain things” to achieve peace in the Middle East. “Some in our own party actually question Israel’s commitment to peace,” Donald Trump spoke to the Republican Jewish Coalition today, and like most Trump speeches, it was basically him throwing out various hot takes, only this time mixed in with some weird stereotyping and a few boos. Trump touted his past and current support for Israel, bragging that he would “do more for Israel than everybody else.” But at various points during his speech earlier, he made some observations about how there must be a lot of people in the room who negotiate deals. He said, “Is there anybody that doesn’t negotiate deals in this room?… Perhaps more than any room I’ve ever spoken to.” And not only did he repeatedly talk about the deal-making skills of himself and the people in the room, he surmised that probably the reason the group won’t support him is because he won’t take their money: “You’re not gonna support me, even though you know I’m the best thing that could ever happen to Israel, and I’ll be that. I know why you’re not gonna support me, you’re not gonna support me because I don’t want your money. Isn’t it crazy? No, it’s true. If I wanted your money, I think I’d have a damn good chance, and I think I’d get more money than everybody else.”

During the brief Q&A session, Trump was repeatedly asked about his thoughts on an Israeli peace deal and his position on the ’67 borders. Trump said, “I want to wait till I meet with Bibi [Netanyahu].”

There were a few boos in the audience for his dodge. Trump responded, “Who’s the wiseguy? Do me a favor, just relax, okay? You’ll like me very much, believe me.”

You can watch Trump’s entire speech above. the Florida Senator told a gathering of the influential Republican Jewish Coalition. “Some in our own party actually call for more sacrifice from the Israeli people. They are dead wrong, and don’t understand the enduring bond between Israel and America.” In an interview with the Associated Press published earlier Thursday, Trump said Israel might have to make concessions to Palestinians to reach a peace accord. “A lot will have to do with Israel and whether or not Israel wants to make the deal — whether or not Israel’s willing to sacrifice certain things,” the real-estate mogul said. “They may not be, and I understand that, and I’m OK with that. But then you’re just not going to have a deal.” (“If I win, I’ll let you know six months from the time I take office” if a Middle East peace agreement is possible, Trump pledged.) Trump is scheduled to speak to the RJC in Washington later Thursday. So will former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who penned a Fox News op-ed ahead of his appearance. made a series of comments praising the Jewish audience’s negotiating skills. After attempting to connect with the audience by saying that he’s “a negotiator like you folks,” he again circled back to the same point. “Is there anyone in this room who doesn’t negotiate deals?” he asked. “Probably more than any room I’ve ever spoken.” At another point, he told the audience: “I don’t want your money so therefore you’re probably not going to support me.” Reporters in attendance immediately questioned his remarks, saying that his “racism does not discriminate.”
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Donald Trump yet again resorted to his comfort blanket: hurling insults in last night’s final Republican debate of the year.
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FULL Speech: Donald Trump Speaks at Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum (12-3-15)

December 3, 2015: GOP Presidential candidate and front-runner Donald Trump was one of several Presidential candidates to speak at the 2015 Republican Jewish Coalition’s Presidential Forum.

FULL Speech: Donald Trump Speaks at Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum
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