South Carolina Looking to Pass Bill That Would Eliminate ObamaCare in the State

South Carolina is on the verge of passing a bill that would end ObamaCare in the state. But is it legal for South Carolina not to follow a federal law? Judge…

10/29/13 – Late night host Bill Maher joined Piers Morgan at the table on Tuesday night to talk all about Obamacare, and Maher was (with some reservations) i…

34 thoughts on “South Carolina Looking to Pass Bill That Would Eliminate ObamaCare in the State

  1. fibsernum30

    Good for them! It is commendable that they will be able to keep those
    losers with pre-existing health conditions off of any insurance benefits.
    (Oh, damn, I forgot to misspell words and use bad grammar; now they will
    know I am not from South Carolina and that my comment is disingenuous.)

  2. Diana Shugar

    lol They are bragging they have 200,000 enrollees when the truth is the
    website is only 60% built and that number only reflects the number of
    people who managed to get on the website but didn’t file their
    applications. The ones that did file the applications were also cancelling
    from sticker shock.
    Somebody needs to start telling the foreign operative in our American
    Whitehouse enough is enough while we still have a country.

  3. teargardens

    Well that’s interesting because; The Constitution died in 1861, when the
    Southern states walked out of Congress in CONTEMPT. And with the Washington
    D.C. Act, the USA became a Corporation & the States into Franchisees!
    Both of these events were carried out by the BANKING CARTELS IN CHARGE OF

  4. MSNking14

    10:04 – but it’s also not changeable, it’s not delay-able, it’s not time
    for fine tuning, it’s not time to go back and say “ok now let’s fix the
    kinks”, once it’s a law then it’s a law!!!! we should have ALL gotten a
    chance to read it before it was passed, like the president said. we should
    have ALL gotten to examine it in a transparent way, like the president
    said. and everyone in the country should have busted down Pelosi’s door
    when she said “Pass it so you can find out what’s in it.” utter

  5. omgwtfbbqc

    Bill Maher pisses me off. I agree with him on a lot of things but then
    sometimes he just comes off as a retarded douche

  6. stevenator0281

    Yes, Maher, you idiot, it IS the patriotic thing to do to block/repeal this
    unconstitutional “law” at every turn.

  7. alexjblackford

    So, if Bill Maher would have lost the lawsuit by Donal Trump, would he have
    still be able to afford Obamacare? I think not. 

  8. R lee

    I’ll tell you why health insurance is so high. It’s the retarded people
    who use their health insurance like it’s their own personal credit card.
    Little Johny has a tummy ache, we better take him to the doctor. I need
    some more pain pills but I don’t really have any pain, they just make me
    feel reeeeally good. I see it every day. Then, if something does go
    wrong, they want to sue into the 10’s of millions for it. You retarded
    people are what caused all this and now the government is going to make it
    ten times worse. This is why liberalism doesn’t work, because all the
    bottom feeding morons in the country will reach and grab for anything a
    politician will promise them. 

  9. M Hend

    It’s fools like Bill Maher who think healthcare and health coverage are the
    same thing. Obama and his fellow radical Leftist ideologues couldn’t care
    less about Americans without health coverage. This is simply a power grab. 

  10. Michael Henriques

    Wait…Did I just hear Maher say that once a bill becomes a law, that’s it?
    And it’s we who don’t understand the Constitution?? What an arrogant

  11. Sinclair Rothschild

    Where did Bill hear that Young people were trying to sign up?
    That’s its major problem. Young peep are NOT going for this.

  12. jimeeb

    An idiot talking to an idiot. Piers says “in my country, [healthcare] is
    free” when in fact the UK spent 6% of GDP on healthcare in 2004 and that’s
    now 8%. Maher says “… a bill becomes law. Once it does you don’t argue
    about it.” WTF!?? Why have a Supreme Court? What would he say about Roe v.
    Wade!?? Morons both of them. But it IS fun to watch frustrated liberals

  13. Blackgam3r

    You know how you liberals hate that drugs being illegal is a Federal law?
    Yeah that’s how everybody else feels about Obamacare. So telling us “it’s a
    law” doesn’t fly. 

  14. Rob Roberts

    Oh look.. a liberal comedian is justifying the deception to get something
    done. America, you are going to pay for healthcare and you are going to
    like it. What a tool

  15. MRCHARIS2004

    I can’t wait for the independents that swayed the election to Obama get hit
    with the higher premiums. I’ll get some popcorn, sit back, and watch the
    show. The previews have been splendid so far. Those famous DEMOCRATIC
    QUOTES: “We have to pass it to see what’s in it.” “If you like your plan
    you can keep it.” “It will only cost $xx. “Your premiums will go down.”
    “It’s not a tax.” “It is a tax.” Then there’s Michelle Obama’s college pal
    that received the ‘no bid’ contract – and the results?

  16. Dan Man

    Natural-born does not have a constitutional definition. However, the
    congressional research service has reported that the historical and legal
    authorities previously indicated that natural-born citizens are those who
    are granted citizenship at birth. Obama was born in US and was thus granted
    a citizenship at birth. He is a natural born citizen, and legal authorities
    have already established that.


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