Some ‘Never Trump’ Republicans choosing to leave the party

Some 'Never Trump' Republicans choosing to leave the party

Herman Cain reacts on ‘The Kelly File’ to reports of voters distancing themselves from the GOP
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Are the Republicans getting worried that Donald Trump is unstable? John Iadarola, Michael Shure, and Jimmy Dore, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you why they’re concerned. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“President Donald Trump’s obsessions with defending his inauguration crowd size and embracing false “voter fraud” conspiracies has reportedly led some members of his own party to question his emotional well being.

Reporter Carl Bernstein went on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon this week, and he said that he’s been hearing from Republicans in Washington D.C. who are concerned about the president’s overall mental health.

“It is unlike anything that I have seen in 50 years of being a reporter,” said Bernstein, who first made his name by breaking stories on the Watergate scandal while working for the Washington Post. “I am hearing from Republicans, and other reporters are as well, that there is open discussion by members of the President of the United States’ own party about his emotional maturity, stability.”

Trump drew criticism even from media confidantes such as Joe Scarborough this past weekend for his speech at the CIA in which he boasted repeatedly about his inauguration’s crowd size, while at the same time sending out Press Secretary Sean Spicer to deliver an angry news conference whose sole purpose was to defend the size of the Trump inauguration’s crowds.”

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Michael Shure, Jimmy Dore

Cast: John Iadarola, Michael Shure, Jimmy Dore


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40 thoughts on “Some ‘Never Trump’ Republicans choosing to leave the party

  1. Drackkor

    Conservative principles today are raising social security age to 70 and at a reduced rate. Giving huge tax breaks to corporations. Bringing in cheap labor from other country's all while screwing the middle class. Trump isn't like these Ass Clowns.

  2. donnsald trump

    These cucks are only pandering to their base, which are RUBES in the bible belt. The country is going to lose its soverignty so they can fulfill their fucking book based prophecy.

  3. Faith Trumps Fear

    Some friends and I released a video explaining why we as Christian Conservatives aren't voting for Trump. It's going viral and has over a quarter million views and over 6,000 Facebook shares.

    It's been picked up by:

    – RedState (
    – The Resurgent (
    – Steve Deace (

    Here's the video link:

  4. George Hogart

    Puck Ryan is in charge of a State that is the bottom of the worst state of the union. He is a loser and currently Status Quo in the most corrupt state in the union. Fuck you Paul!

  5. George Hogart

    Yeah, leave you cock sucking sellout fucks. You Republican cocksuckers that are 2 faced all righteous pieces of bush lickin ass fucks. We don't want ya! We want a real truth telling man. A real man and a man that won't tell the people what you think is tight. You ain't right you boot licking cock suckers. Get the fuck out and leave. The new breed is taking over.

  6. Norman Brown

    As a left leaning independent, all I have to say is hahahaha. Get ready for round 2 of Clinton. Democrats send up a minor leaguer and Trump is getting his butt handed to him. That's hilarious.

  7. A M Benavidez

    I hate to break the news to you Popeye! It doesn't matter what crook becomes president. Hitlery or TrumpAzz! We are in for a shit storm hyper inflationary currency collapse regardless. Millions will starve to death in the United not States anymore. Billions globally will die of starvation and conflict arising out of desperation of dwindling food supplies. They will be eating the bark off trees and snatching babies for the boiling pots to quell their horrible hunger pains! The horrors we are about to experience will be heart stoppingly unfathomable! God be with you.

  8. j

    Do Not listen to the NeverTrump crowd, they are the ones trying to create the division in the Republican party. And unfortunately some Republicans are listening because they think they will get paid off. These Republicans are nothing but self-serving users of the American people. Their constituency needs to remember this and vote them out of office the next time their election comes up.

  9. j

    For years now many republicans played to the American people, but behind closed doors they truly played to the globalist agenda which also allowed them to line their own pockets. This so easy to see because they are willing to desert their own (?) party and risk letting Hilly getting into office. For them, not their constituency, there is still something in it for them if Hillary gets in.

  10. Alex Morton

    I am a dem, but I know most Republican's arnt stupid. I hope Republican's don't go with the status quo.

  11. m beginization

    They should leave as enough new voters are joining but feel conservatives dont want them to join as they are not pure

  12. h20fwler1

    Oh look…more made up fake bullshit for the libtards to eat up with a spoon! Keep trying…you have eight plus years to try and man up your game dipshits!

  13. Geri Mata

    So if they are worried yet they are supporting his whims? The question is, when will he go? There will be a point when there is no turning back.

  14. elmateo77

    I really hope the military has some secret procedure for blocking stupid orders to launch nukes. General: "What? Sorry mister president, I think we have a bad connection. It almost sounded like you said to nuke Canada. static I'll call you back". To rest of military "Nobody answer, just pretend we're not home"…

  15. Ian McGarrett

    Gosh, Jimmy Dore thought getting Trump elected was better than supporting Hillary Clinton, and now he wants the Democrats to save America's bacon. What a jerk. Let the Greens save you, loser.

  16. CharmyDweengMaster

    TYT – can't y'all make your videos louder?? I have it at full volume and it's not even splashing the water in my bluetooth speaker. Please let us crank it up!

  17. queenbeethatme100

    If they actually suspect he is mentally ill, why rubberstamp his questionable appointees? Which is worse, the crazy person or the sycophants that enable, aid and abet the crazy person?

    He will go to far, but by then, Bannon may be in power and we all will be going off the rails.

    Most who did not vote for him KNOWS he is mentally ill.

  18. Jimmy Guitar

    our only hope is that he takes the Republican party down with him. Unfortunately 20% of the electorate will never vote for a Democrat. and there really is a hardcore group of True Believers that will happily watch it all burn down and even chip in for the gas…..

  19. Victor M. Larriuz

    The Young Turds are losing it and their relevance, unstable, hair pulling rants because the crooked ones lost their way.

  20. Arthur Watts

    Trump isnt the Antichrist, but whoever is pulling his strings must dearly wish Satan had given him a better puppet. At least GWB could impersonate a President with Cheney's hand up his butt, even if his eyes did roll around in his head and odd sentences came out of his mouth when Dick forget to use lube.

    Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.

  21. Aaron A

    Yes, because the 'Trump is crazy' strategy worked so well for the left in 2016. The guy's a known commodity in American celebrity culture for decades. He's viewed as a successful businessman as well as a dedicated parent. As 2016's election showed, the majority of people don't buy into the 'Trump is crazy' shpiel. Hillary might have been able to beat him if she focused more on him being unqualified and less on him being unfit.

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