So, Just How Secure Is

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Oct. 24 (Bloomberg) — Bloomberg’s Megan Hughes examines the federal contractors scheduled to testify on the healthcare exchange website glitches in today’s …
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7 thoughts on “So, Just How Secure Is

  1. BloodTar

    I couldn’t give a one rats ass about the fucked up website. It’s about the
    whole damn ObamaCare forced insurance scam. DO NOT try to fix anything
    just get the fuck rid of the whole damn thing.

  2. LibertarianSamurai

    I hate the way President Obama says “new marketplace!” He did not create
    marketplace! Free the marketplace from the government! Government
    (President) is NOT the source of marketplace!

  3. Dwayne Todd

    If this bill was called romeneycare, which is what it is, Hannity would
    love it.

    He is a water carrier for the establishment, just like Maddow, or anyone at


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