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“What we are confident about is that when people look and see that they can get high-quality, affordable health care for less than their cell phone bill, the…

25 thoughts on “Sign up at HealthCare.Gov

  1. Jordie Mayor

    Yea let’s blame and the federals. Why don’t you blame state
    politicians for refusing to prepare a market run health care exchange for
    your state, no federals involded. Washington has its own exchange. And
    compared to several other states, they seem to be off to a decent start. 16
    other states built their own exchanges. Easy to blame others, but if states
    would have focused on making this work instead of making this fail, their
    would be a republican style insurance marketplace.

  2. Mel Fiscus

    Your to stupid to post .. Your just another po person who only wants more
    free stuff ..Your a parasite that lives off of the host until it dies …
    You arnt worthy of the freedom you now have ….

  3. Phalinex

    The penalty is for irresponsible lowlife shit eating sewer rats like you,
    that don’t want to be covered because they prefer to dine and dash leaving
    tax payers with the expense for their healthcare.

  4. iknowglitches1

    just because you keep repeating it doesnt make it true you dumb fuck. where
    do you think the penalty goes??

  5. iknowglitches1

    the penalty! son of thousand and two whores. answer. this should be a cake
    walk for such a genious like yourself. and if you are so much better than
    all of us why do you need a daddy to buy u healthcare. whats the matter, ur
    only big in ur head??

  6. iknowglitches1

    i dont blame bill for being a fucking rapist. if my woman looked like
    hilary i would be fucking donkeys too.

  7. djshobee

    Even with the discount on this health care, the extra money that they want
    us to pay has to come from somewhere. so we don’t get a raise on our check
    to make sure that we can pay for it, They still gonna take a penalty even
    if it’s our grocery money.

  8. Boris82much

    The middle class and working poor have to pay for this. Enjoy. And be sure
    to take a chair with you when you visit a doctor: you’ll be waiting in line
    for hours and hours.

  9. jimmyjunkmail

    I told you, leave me alone! You obviously do not understand what that means
    so I will say it the way your people would, and since you are obviously
    public school uneducated. I know you are wondering how I know this, right?
    Well it is because you socialists don’t have a clue how the real world
    really works! Call me a prophet. I think in the ghetto I would have to say
    “fuck off ” and hope you might understand? Enjoy your commicare because it
    will damage this country, but that is what you want!

  10. jimmyjunkmail

    WOW! I am selfish because I don’t and can’t afford to support bums like you
    and the rest of your begging buddies! You need to learn where the money
    government spends comes from! I will give you a hint, it does NOT, NOT grow
    on trees like you been told! As soon a you get old enough to get a job, and
    your first pay check, you will find out! Now go finish fucking that doll of
    obamA and leave me alone! I have better things to do than deal with
    uneducated liberals!

  11. Phalinex

    You don’t know anything about me you sleazy lowlife rat. You’re not paying
    for anyone else either you blathering bitch. Is that all you crying shit
    throwing rats ever think about? If its for you great, if someone else gets
    something then your throwing shit. You tearats are the sewer scum of the

  12. Strikehold1

    The ACA is a fraud whose only real aim is to expand and impose ever
    increasing governmental control over the lives of American citizens. Say no
    to socialism.

  13. Phalinex

    You’re not paying for anyone else, you don’t even know what the ACA is you
    selfish blubbering bitch. Rather that crying and bitching like a shit
    soiled infant get informed you brainless loser.

  14. crusnchill

    As a UK resident looking at this whole thing, I see the better off
    complaining that they’ll have to wait a little longer to be seen by their
    doctor because the queue just got a little longer. Folks, health care for
    everyone, very poor, poor, middle earners, rich and mega rich all will get
    health care. and you’re complaining simply because now you’ll have to
    queue, instead of just walk in, get checked out and then leave. I’m sorry
    but that is a disgraceful attitude.

  15. groundhog2008

    I for one am happy wit what seems to be a great deal for me, and my family!
    AND, after being uninsured for many years, I am FINALLY going to get
    affordable, AND quality healthcare coverage!!!! I think we need to just
    look at Obamacare at face value, and see it as a good deal for most
    Americans….especially the middle class, and poor!!!!


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