Shows Krauthammer: Dems Can’t ‘Talk Around’ Failures of

Shows Krauthammer: Dems Can't 'Talk Around' Failures of

Krauthammer: Dems Can’t ‘Talk Around’ Failures of Krauthammer: Dems Can’t ‘Talk Around’ Failures of Krauthammer: Dems Can’t ‘Ta…

Secretary of health and human services will answer questions about the health care site’s issues.
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25 thoughts on “Shows Krauthammer: Dems Can’t ‘Talk Around’ Failures of

  1. chen ruro

    hmmm…spent one grand more , hire a better web-site designer…. if you
    must, hire some top grass student from community college….

  2. zepbigfoot bearcove

    its gonna get worse. The only way the republicans wont gain from this is if
    they open their mouths. Let the dumbass libtards hand themselves.

  3. wacher8

    impeach for arming and aiding terrorists, bypassing congress to attack
    libya, signing the NDAA, indefinite detention of and assassination of
    americans without due process, Criminal cover up of BengaziGate, giving
    guns to mexican cartels, no prosecution of bankers laundering terrorist and
    drug money, allowing Interpol to operate in the US without oversight, lied
    about obamacare mandate, allows the DHS/TSA to routinely violate the
    4th/5th Amendment, busting legal pot dealers

  4. 2121skip

    In the first place, it isn’t reform. It’s takeover. Takeover. Transfer of
    1/6 of this nation’s economy to the federal government. In the second
    place, it’s never going to run smoothly. Ever been to the DMV? The Social
    Security office? To believe that this mess will ever run smoothly just
    shows how stupid 51% of this country is. Did you hear the reason that
    “Death Panel” Sebelius gave for not going to an exchange for her health
    insurance? To boil it down to a single word? SHE’S AN ELITIST!

  5. hermitage5002

    Commenting on a comment by Dre4dwolf made,I feel like that woman can wear
    what she wants to wear,I fell it’s not right to talk her like that!

  6. Dre4dwolf

    Someone needs to tell Sebelius that shes too old to wear heavy earings,
    that her ears are stretching down to her shoulders under the weight.

  7. Open-minded Skeptic

    Kathleen is a tough broad. This monkey trial will have zero effect on her
    determination to get things running properly on the website.

  8. Trevor Patton

    Did I say he caved to “EVERYTHING”? Did I say that? Did I? NO! What I said
    was that Obama caves to just JUST ABOUT everything his political opponents
    want. Meaning, ALMOST everything, but not everything. Do try and keep up,
    kid! Besides, there isn’t much room to cave when the law itself is
    structure around a republican idea! Lest I remind you that ACA was a
    Republican idea to start with, jackhole!

  9. Trevor Patton

    LOL! If you think Obama is arrogant, considering how he caves to just about
    every demand made by his political opponents, then you are one seriously
    deluded individual.

  10. James Fariello

    660 million dollars for what, a Obamanation in computers programing. Fixed
    by the end of November, yes, and pigs can fly. Is she going to refund the
    taxpayers that back. What a JOKE the US Government has become. I am ashamed
    of what the name, United States of America has become to the World. The
    American people that put and keep this Obamanation in office will pay for
    it in time as the rest of us. Gods judgement is on America and we are the
    Obamanation God talked about.

  11. MrRubenEsp

    nothing is going to run like you want it to at first when it comes to the
    internet…i told you that’s why most software has a trial period before
    it’s released to the’s not her fault..blame the software

  12. theresa bollman

    At this very moment he is frantically drilling her in upping her lying
    technique and doubling down on the arrogance…she’s still a few steps
    behind her boss in those areas…close but no cigar yet.


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