Sessions: Obamacare Built On An Accounting Fraud

“A lot of us are going to donate our pay during this furlough to charity and I will. But I wish our friends would begin to be more concerned for the private …

25 thoughts on “Sessions: Obamacare Built On An Accounting Fraud

  1. myHome109

    Looking at Obamacare’s example. 1) Treasury Bonds are issued against
    current liabilities of $500 Billion in Medicare. 2) The Cash is embezzled
    and Medicare is left with $500 Billion of unfunded non-approved IOU’s with
    simple annual interest payments of 8.7% plus over 10 yrs. 3) Why Obamacare
    need $500 Billion, since no one has signed up for the program and it was to
    be self funded generating income? 4) Why $500 Billion in cash a Depreciable
    asset? 5) Taxes don’t pay down Original debt?

  2. myHome109

    Here are the strangest effect of this scam when one analyse previous
    accounting frauds with similar forensics. 1) The cash transferred is
    suppose to pay down the debt, but never do the task of paying down the
    unfunded liability. 2) The cash is recorded as a “Depreciable Assets” like
    at capital equipment, which it’s not. What happens when the cash is
    depreciated is questionable. 3) The payment for the original bond issuance
    is never paid down expanding the debt and liability, yet it’s asset?

  3. myHome109

    Question What happens when the $500 Billion in Obamacare get’s treated like
    a capital equipment depreciation, where does the cash actually go? What
    happens to the taxes collected to pay down the original debt for Medicare,
    it does not seem like those funds ever go to pay down any debt, because the
    debt keep expanding? In ponsi scams, it’s typically used to replace the
    depreciating asset so the asset never disappear when audited, and the taxs
    (income) are never used to pay the unfunded debt?

  4. myHome109

    Madoff, Enron, Adelphia, Worldcom, Healthsouth directors went to jail for a
    long time for smaller accounting fraud. This is a $1.5 Trillion
    ($1,500,000,000,000) fraud, with $1 Trillion ($1,000,000,000,000) in
    phantom assets (as good as fart), 8,7% simple interest due on $940 billion
    in debt (payment to accounting fraud), $500 billion missing for current
    payment to Medicare and interest due on the debt for Medicare $500 billion
    at 3.5%! Please explain how this fraud will reduce medical cost?

  5. myHome109

    Simplified analysis of Accounting Fraud by Sibelius, Lew and Obama. 3) The
    $500 Billion in funds embezzled into Obamacare was placed into the asset
    column of the general ledger. They turned $500 Billion of borrowed money
    from the issuance of Treasury bond for current Medicare payment, using
    fraudulent accounting into $1.5 Trillion in real debt non-recorded, $1
    Trillion in phantom assets (recorded vapor asset), 8,7% interest due was
    the only liability recorded! $500 Billion missing Medicare

  6. myHome109

    Simplified analysis of accounting information from White House General
    Ledger, CBO, GAO, HHS, OMB, Congressional Hearing. 1) Sibelius, Lew and
    Obama, embezzled $500 billion from Medicare. $500 Billion cash missing for
    payment to Medicare recipients. Tax payer still have to pay on the bond! 2)
    Sibelius, Lew and Obama, manufactured an unfunded, non-approved,
    non-negotiable, IOU’s for $500 Billion and place it into Medicare then call
    this debt an asset!

  7. myHome109

    Sources for information, White House Budget General Ledger, HHS, CBO, GAO,
    OMB, Congressional Research Services, etc.. Please read GAAP, SEC, GASB 68,
    and tell me why these people are not going to jail for risking the
    taxpayers on $1.5 Trillion in new debt with interest payment of 8.7% simple
    for 10 yrs and $1 Trillion non-approved, unfunded, phantom asset (actually
    debt transfers), $500 billion missing for current medicare recipient
    payments and the debt from the issuance for Medicare!

  8. myHome109

    This is a massive accounting fraud to fund Obamacare and issue securities
    to the open market based on Accounting Fraud. The Accounting Fraud recorded
    only the interest payment due on the new debt created. without recording
    the debt. The debt were recorded as assets, $1 Trillion phantom assets, it
    does not exist! Where is the missing $500 Billion to pay for Medicare
    suppose to come from? The tax payers are still paying interest on that debt!

  9. CEMF100

    It is a source of continual distress to me that ANY member of Congress
    would be so dismissive of and disrespectful to any group of American

  10. J DAY

    Do you know that if you can’t afford to pay for whatever reason the GOV.
    WILL TAKE YOUR TAX RETURN? This is not free, and remember it will be “The
    Law Of The Land” Don’t forget that! So if you can’t pay you will be
    breaking the law!

  11. stevon nutt

    Before it is over they will be able to seize your Homes and Bank accounts
    and any private property you may have to sustain the health care of the
    illegals and other Welfare riding Democratic voters!

  12. stevon nutt

    Obamacare was birthed as a lie from a liar and his groupies to gain control
    over people who were to dumb to see the truth. Even as the Supreme Court
    found it to be legal as a tax Obama was still denying it was a tax! Obama
    is not and never has been able to tell the truth, for in doing so would
    expose him for what he really is. An Enemy of the USA!

  13. J DAY

    Muse, If obama care is already in effect, then Why do you think there
    fighting about? Do you know what the problems are? It sounds good, but you
    need to know what it’s all about, it’s not good for anybody, it will only
    hurt the poor a lot more if it gets in full force. It’s something we all
    need to worrie about, try to listen to what this is, it will break us. Why
    do you think it’s like ten thousand pages long? Because there are many
    other laws written in it, and they are not good!


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