Senator Tim Scott Discusses the failures with Hannity on Fox News

Senator Tim Scott Discusses the failures and the case of the South Carolinian whose information was compromised with Hannity on Fox News.
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4 thoughts on “Senator Tim Scott Discusses the failures with Hannity on Fox News

  1. mineah2008

    what about the pre-existing condition? no dropping people off their
    insurance when they get sick? women and men have to pay now they same
    price? no more bankruptcy? preventative care?…..

  2. theedman22

    Ok, you’ve guys have discussed the failures. We KNOW there are problems. We
    know there are problems. When you have finished trashing the system why not
    really endorse/discuss SOLUTIONS. Be PROACTIVE! 🙂

  3. politicsnewsaja

    How about REPEAL this crap and start IMPEACHMENT that we ALL know will lead
    to TREASON charges! If not, How about we start charging EACH AND EVERY one
    in Congress! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  4. spiritnexus999

    The only good thing about Obamacare is the removal of the lifetime cap.
    Everything else, no matter how they try to package it, is a recipe for


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