25 thoughts on “Sen. Cruz Discussing the Budget Deal and Obamacare with Sean Hannity

  1. rainiertx

    Senator Cruz will have no trouble defeating any other Republican president
    “wannabe” as well as Hillary “what difference does it make” Clinton who let
    Americans be slaughtered in Benghazi. 

  2. Derek Demitrius

    Sean stick to asking the questions you nerd!!! Why are you giving your
    opinions in between and giving him some fuel to fire

  3. Lonnie Dobbins III

    So people MUST follow Ted? Why would you follow someone that you don’t
    agree with? They still think attacking the ACA is a viable option. It’s a
    dead issue. If you think the people have it bad now if these republicans
    come back into office you can look forward to more war and many more
    without jobs and people on the streets.

  4. Peter Brian

    Thanks to Ted’s Government Shutdown more Democrats have won several
    elections in VA, NYC e.t.c. Why did Ted, Shutdown the government? Because
    he was born in Canada and has no idea what it is like to be a true
    patriotic American! We don’t shutdown things because we get upset! “Go an
    win elections” Just like the Prez said. Racist republicans would like to
    repeal Obamacare because they hate the poor and they hate minorities. Think
    about the two words “health” “care”! Not “free” “cash”!!

  5. WAYNE O

    Sen. Cruz, It does not make sense unless our President is a muslim and
    the obamacare law was designed to gut the economy, as a attack on the
    middle class, and give insurance companies a name your own price power and
    should we talk about the “Death Panels” in our future? Because If Obana is
    a muslim bent on doing everything he can to weaken and harm America, then
    the law is working perfectly, as planned!

  6. 0002xman

    The republicans need to bury this evil Law of the Leash and forbid its
    exhumation for all time. Repeal it and Evict George from the throne! Light
    the torches, heat up the tar kettle and pluck a few chickens, we’re gonna
    have a reclamation party come November!

  7. mauibrad

    Sen. Ted Cruz: “We’re gonna to win this fight on Obamacare. We are going to
    repeal this law, ‘cuz it isn’t working.” 

  8. Ian Reid

    Peter Brian you are incredibly deluded. I just laughed do hard because I
    thought what you typed was a joke. But as I kept reading I realized no.

  9. Andrea Ontiveros

    My family proudly voted for Ted Cruz . We need someone strong to save
    America from falling apart from the apart.

  10. Tex1911a1m14

    Right on TED ! Soon those that sit on the fence or just spout party lines
    are going to get an awakening. Jan 2014 starts their education. They will
    reap the whirlwind of stupidity and ignorance that has been fueled by the
    Public Education School systems and political correctness and race baiting
    ! If there be any that want to find away out of it? it is through Christ ,
    and the bible and the founding documents of this country . READING IS THE
    KEY ! 

  11. Uncle Jack

    Ted Cruz did not provide his ideas on how to fix the healthcare, so he
    needs to shut the F up and go with the flow. Meaningless bitching will not
    help and it’s not leadership. Cruz is typical puppet for Koch brothers.

  12. 11chirpy

    Everyone is growing more aware of the problems in Washington, even the
    white men who have destroyed what the original white men had in mind. This
    is bigger than race its power and it takes a special person to handle it.
    Look past the color and listen to his words, the US can’t afford the ACA!
    We are already broke!

  13. hpensive

    Well guys in Rome 2000 if a nuclear hell fire doesn’t decimate our
    civilization before we let the emperor and the senate sell us out to Asia
    we might be able to catch a few more gladiator football matches.

  14. MrandMrs Nava

    Im a liberal democrat . And im against obama care. Obama isnt hurting
    wealthy people like repbulicans.And republicans are actruely against it and
    willing to consern themselves with poverty in the lower class with people
    not being able to pay expensive premiums. What are politics coming too?”
    when repulicans are actruely concerned? Granted for there own selfish
    reasons. They are right on obama care. And again its not going to effect
    the republicans. It will effect the lower class. Obama is hurting his own

  15. Peter Brian

    Fellow Republicans remove your TIN FOIL HATS!! Ted Cruz is a Canadian born
    citizen entitled to Canada’s Universal Health Care! Racist-Republicans
    would love noting more than to: Hate the poor and repeal Obamacare! Hate
    minorities and take away their voting rights! Hate women and restrict their
    reproductive rights! Love the rich and give them more tax cuts! Love the
    NRA and arm every homicidal lunatic with no background check!

  16. Peter Brian

    Thanks to Ted’s Government Shutdown, We The People (and even Boehner) have
    witnessed the insanity of the EXTREME tea party-republican universe. It is
    all part of the extreme right wing hate agenda: Hate the poor and defund
    Obamacare. Hate women and take away their reproductive rights. Hate
    minorities and restrict their voting rights. Love the rich and give them
    more tax cuts. Love the NRA and arm every blood thirty lunatic with no
    background checks!!

  17. itumblers

    Once the republicans take over the senate, Cruz will be the senate majority
    leader. Next is the White House in 2016. Thank you mr.cruz for your
    service. It is well appreciated.


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