Sean Hannity Reveals Obamacare Hotline Operator Who Took His Call Got Fired – INTERVIEW

10/24/13 – When a woman named Erling Davis answered the phone on Monday afternoon, she had no idea she’d become a player in Sean Hannity’s attempt to call th…
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25 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Reveals Obamacare Hotline Operator Who Took His Call Got Fired – INTERVIEW

  1. ColorBlindLoveXXX

    Hannity is a total fucking douchebag.Nobody needs his racist dirty money.
    This lady should sue this slimebag. I will really be glad when Hannity and
    Rush die and leave the planet earth. They are nothing but hatemongers. I
    would tell this cockroach to go to hell.

  2. stormywormie

    Give her the money in $10,000 increments, Hannity, or the government will
    tax it (because we all know they worked so hard for it)!!!!

  3. stormywormie

    The guy that says “whites and browns” is supposed to be Colorblindlove?
    okayyy. And Hannity is such a douche that he gave this woman money because
    she worked for a shitty company that fired her… okay. You sound confused.

  4. Jake Rockwell

    “ColorBlindLoveXXX posted: Interracial love is a beautiful thing. It is the
    one surefire way to help end racism.” Haha, wow. You are one pathetic,
    sexless, intolerant little troglodyte aren’t you? That is hands-down THE
    most pathetic plea for pity-sex I’ve ever witnessed. Oh yeah, let’s
    leverage the race card for sex now. Shame on you, you racist pissant freak.
    Sincerely, A Hard-Working, Non-Welfare-Dependent African-American

  5. Jake Rockwell

    Actually it’s people like Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews, Bill Maher and Jesse
    Jackson who’ve become millionaires by preaching political hate on “the TV”
    and radio. And you’re no help either; calling yourself color blind but
    talking about “whites, browns and others”–you hypocritical racist
    illiterate idiot.

  6. Roy Elsworth

    don’t sound like it to me he found a job for her. thats a real job killer.
    I think obama is a job killer ask the 50 million on food stamps

  7. Roy Elsworth

    sean hannity has done alot rite he helped a mother paid her way down to her
    sons funeral and paid her for a 4 days in a 5 star hotel. her son was
    killed in the line of duty and they Brought his body home but the
    government wouldn’t pay for her trip just for the widow. they did so sean
    stepped in.

  8. adyingshadow

    She’s dumb. Every employer would tell you not to talk to media. But hey
    best of luck to her coz now the govt will be after her

  9. ColorBlindLoveXXX

    I would sue the racist dirtbag Hannity for what he did. That would be funny
    as hell. Hannity is just another loud mouth bigot who makes his fortune by
    scaring whites that browns and others are trying to take over the country
    and we must stop them. His hateful rhetoric is disgusting. I will be so
    happy when his generation finally dies off.

  10. ColorBlindLoveXXX

    Sean Hannity is a total douchebag. I will be so glad when his hateful,
    racist generation dies out. I would have hung up on this dirtbag.He and
    Rush Limbaugh are two of the biggest hatemongers on the planet. He became a
    millionaire by preaching political hate on the TV and Radio. How disgusting!

  11. Christopher Salazar

    Unless those Obama fools understand, what she talked about should not be a
    secrete. She works for the people.

  12. Earthwalker40 .

    This woman got fired for being honest and helpfull. That really sucks.
    Thanks democrats under BO’s rule.

  13. apparition2

    It is satisfying, for a “change”, to hear a good ending for another Obama
    victim. Forget about impeachment, folks. By the time they impeach him his
    term of terror would be over anyway. Indict the Treasonous bastard!

  14. MichaelSmathers

    Doing something that you should do as a token of appreciation makes
    you…”wonderful & compassionate” in the liberal…. Especially
    when you make it ‘public on air’ Theres a term for that: DOGOODER. LMFAO.


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