Sean Hannity Interviews Ann Coulter: Obamacare Planned Intentional Disaster to Move to Single Payer

(October 21, 2013) – In retrospect, Ann Coulter believes the government shutdown turned out very well and the Republicans played it beautifully, telling Sean…
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25 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Interviews Ann Coulter: Obamacare Planned Intentional Disaster to Move to Single Payer

  1. ariel love

    you are sheep the media is your shepherd enjoy being herded! the
    republicans and democrats have destroyed this country they are both
    murdering parties. im moving to australia screw america the most crooked
    nation ever.

  2. darkstalkerknight63

    does she know all of what she is saying is lies and bullshit. the smartest
    thing ever came out of ann coulter mouth was romney was going to lose. why
    would anyone want more teds voted in. that is the worst idea. when you just
    get polls of likely voters is how they tried to play up how romney was
    going to win which again he lost horribly

  3. MrAlcazar

    STFU Ann Cunter. Being a bitch, and using big words doesn’t make you smart.
    Fringe world Republicans are so full of shit, with their fake outrage and
    their retarded over-exaggerations. But that’s nothing new, seeing how off
    they were with their clownish predictions during the election.

  4. Oh, shut up, Luke.

    “Everything run by the private sector will get better and cheaper over
    time.” HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHahhhahahahHAHAHHAhhahahahahhahahahahAHAHAH

  5. MrFoxRox2

    If you actually believe that comment, then you must not have a brain. That,
    or you have been severely brainwashed and beyond hope for a better
    tomorrow. If you’re for the Obamanation, you’re a major cause of social
    cancer for this country and need to be exported to a third-world Marxist
    country like the one President Osama was born in.

  6. Thomas Pyron

    Wait ’til Joe Average starts opening his paycheck envelopes and seeing 150
    dollars missing every week. Will set the liberal agenda back a decade.

  7. Thomas Pyron

    Sure seems like it. Leftists are the real racists because they believe that
    minorities are too weak to succeed without white people’s help. Those on
    the Right don’t believe in special treatment or set-asides because they
    know minorities are just as strong as everyone else.

  8. Thomas Pyron

    The closest thing I’ve seen to Nazi Germany in my 57 years is Americans
    being forced by the government to buy a product that many don’t want.

  9. Thomas Pyron

    You forgot to mention that it will cause the average person to shell out an
    additional 500 dollars a month.

  10. Thomas Pyron

    Lou – don’t forget that Democrat politicians voted in favor of the “Bush”
    wars too. And the Democrat party controlled both the House and Senate
    (spending) during Bush’s second term.

  11. Thomas Pyron

    50 years of corruption, fraud and waste in Washington (Republican and
    Democrat) is what has brought this once great nation to it’s knees. Anyone
    or anything that dares challenge the Washington political status quo is
    immediately branded an arsonist, terrorist or hostage taker. The
    brain-washed liberal water carrying stooge is the prime enabler of the
    status quo.

  12. Thomas Pyron

    In 2014, ’15 and ’16 Joe Average will open his paycheck envelope and see
    100-200 dollars missing every week due to Obamacare. This will cost the
    Democrat party the Senate in 2014 and the Presidency in 2016.

  13. Mark Henderson

    Republicans are so lost! Without support from women, minorities and gays
    they cannot hope to win. They’ve learned nothing from the last election,

  14. Phil Owens

    She´s so full of it. She knows she would have been thrilled of the
    Republicans would have got something out of their hostage situation- This
    is why Republicans will lose the White House again. They actually think
    almost causing an international economic crisis was a good thing.

  15. Cyrus Slapatich

    Same thing happens in Canada. All the money is chewed up by the bureaucracy
    for salaries and benefits. Nothing left for the people it’s supposed to


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