Right-Wing Cyber Attacks on Healthcare.gov Confirmed

Right wing cyber attacks on healthcare.gov are confirmed –On the Bonus Show: More insane stunts by Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, An Ontario man is…
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25 thoughts on “Right-Wing Cyber Attacks on Healthcare.gov Confirmed

  1. Rich White

    This is so pathetic. The left just can’t take responsibility for anything.
    Its always has to be someone else’s fault that there BS doesn’t work. How
    long before they finally realize that’s the problem is there policy’s and
    not some hidden agenda. Lmao. 

  2. Dick Tracy

    What a joke. Assuming these denial of service attacks are happening and
    are a result of some right wing conspiracy, it begs the following question:
    why didn’t the government include safeguards against such attacks? Lame

  3. Mr.Belrox

    Department of Homeland Security? Oh you mean the same wonderful
    progressive government branch that brought us the NSA? I am glad you sheep
    liberals are putting 100% faith in to them and their propaganda. Blame
    conservatives for healthcare.gov’s problems, round them up, and execute
    them. This is really what you fascist liberals are trying to push

  4. keiferd11

    ACA needs revamping we can all agree on that. IF the republicans are
    really serious, they would use this chance to “save the day”.
    I personally don’t care who get’s credit….just do it! 

  5. CallASpadeASpade2U

    What is needed is a watchdog on the press. The damn presses job is supposed
    to be to not only tell us what the GOP and Dems talking points are, but to
    then tell us what the reality/truth of the situation is.

    The goddamn press should be blamed just as much as the politicians are. How
    in the hell are people expected to judge a situation when nobody is telling
    them the true facts.

  6. FerFer1958

    this kid of attacks cross my mind in the first 5 minutes. If I thought
    about it, the Government thought about it. How come the Gov is not talking
    about this non-stop on any media available? Is he “happy” things are not
    working properly, since he is not a real progressive?

  7. TheRhinehart86

    I wonder if the people who did this are going to get 50 year jail
    sentences? Probably not, they were just endangering millions of people’s
    health its not like they were uploading pirate movies or violating their
    EULAs or anything.

  8. Matthew Smith

    Holy shit man. You really think the only reason people (“right-wingers”)
    oppose the ACA is because it is “socialistic” and “communistic”? It has
    MANY issues that can be rationally opposed. It is the EMBODIMENT of CRONY

  9. whyamimrpink78

    But I thought conservatives were the “stupid” party that knows nothing
    about technology. I thought they were nothing but guns and god. How can
    it be for a party that is supposedly so stupid to hack a website?

    I think a bigger issue is, that if this is true (which it isn’t), is how
    easy a government website can be hacked. Especially one that took three
    years to create.

    Fact is that this law is going to destroy the US and our healthcare as we
    know it. Sad part is that the generation in front of me is the last to
    really appreciate and know what the greatest healthcare in the world was
    like. My generation is the generation that would have destroyed that
    healthcare system and replace it with something worse. Way to go my
    generation, I am real proud. 

  10. laz2thedouble

    The right does tend to be pretty spiteful when they don’t get their way.
    They’ve already gone as far as shutting the government down over the ACA.
    This wouldn’t be too far outside of what we’ve come to expect from them
    (it’s actually is highly expected of them).However, I wouldn’t mind the ACA
    collapsing in on itself and being replaced by full-on universal healthcare.

  11. saneagain2002

    I am disappointed that David did not repeatedly stress how illegal the
    cyber attacks are and repeatedly stress how right wingers have now crossed
    the line of breaking the law to get their way.

  12. John Butler

    The site should be hacked not just DOSed. Affordable my ass. I can’t afford
    that shit. Forcing Americans to pay for something is NOT constitutional.
    Republicans and Democrats are the same. Only difference is the colors and

  13. Missytrilakes

    Well the right wing has its own evil agenda, the NAR a ‘religious” take
    over of church/state same ole Roman Catholic plan, exactly what the old
    king james said, and they hate/deny the truth. They claim rights being
    taken away, but who are these people who are trying to take away their
    ‘rights”? Lets remember that Rome vowed to destroy liberal freedom fighters
    who broke away from them, and now here we are in bed with the whore of
    babylon today. Washington loves the POPE, so does the world and it will
    continue…….they do alot of dirty work in the background that is
    hidden/secret always pointing the fingers as usual as others as ‘evil”
    Beware of the NAR and whos behind them, you can trace it all back to the
    Vatican. It has more influence and power in places most do not know. Just
    look how filthy rich the ‘churches” are and they pay NO tax, hum, even
    Jesus paid taxes. 

  14. TheGamingPegasus187

    This doesn’t shock me, Right Wing morons will do anything to stop anything
    Obama. Mostly because the President is black. If you don’t think that is
    the case, you are willfully ignorant.

  15. Michael Albanese

    All major web sites must expect and take precautions against cyber attacks.
    Not to do so is irresponsible. I’m sure many right wing web sites have been
    victims of cyber attacks. I know most major corporate web sites such as
    Amazon are frequently victims of cyber attacks. I’m also sure that the
    communications of all political and financial figures of any consequence
    are monitored. If Angela Merkel stupidly assumed that her telephone calls
    were not tapped, then the more fool her!

  16. Snow Ferret

    Shoddy journalism. You failed to credibly establish the how large or
    successful these attacks are. Luckily for you and everyone else, the answer
    is just a quick search away. Marc Eisenberth, a research manager at Arbor
    Networks, wrote on the ASERT blog, ” As we see in the call-graph below, the
    request rate, the non-distributed attack architecture and many other
    limitations make this tool unlikely to succeed in affecting the
    availability of the healthcare.gov site.” In other words, this is a cyber
    attack like a pillow fight is attempted murder. The site is struggling
    because the site is flawed. No other reason.

  17. rmasco71

    Ohh stop the BS and making excuses for Barry.. He would have been more than
    happy to come out and say “right wingers” are attacking the site.. Just
    like he did to them via the IRS scandal that for swept under the rug.. This
    is why this guy gets NOTHING DONE.. Because you Liberal freaks don’t call
    him out when he’s done WRONG

  18. RScreative

    round up the koch brothers and any others who did this and execute them by
    firing squad. Stopping obamacare so callously puts blood on your hands.

  19. rmasco71

    Wow, that’s a pretty clever code name from these would be “right wing” nerd
    hackers.. “Destroy Obamacare”.. C’mon.. Who’s the real “Tool” here….

  20. JeremiahLawrenceTV

    Couldn’t find better?
    And how do you determine they’re right wing hackers? hackers love to fool
    around, if it doesn’t hold their attacks, it isn’t worth the trouble to
    register because it’s NOT SAFE.


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