Republicans Who Forgave ‘Iraq-Glitch’ Cannot Forgive HealthCare.GOV Kinks!

Right-Wing Ideology Run Wild: Hopeless Extremism Has Taken Over The GOP — and Could Destroy It Forever:…

10 thoughts on “Republicans Who Forgave ‘Iraq-Glitch’ Cannot Forgive HealthCare.GOV Kinks!

  1. imaginativelads

    Right wing ideology is a p r o v e n mental illness, so it’s not surprising
    that the insane contradict themselves.

  2. sonom king

    Republicans are bunch of looney toons. Their shutdown cost us 24 billion
    and they brushed that off like nothing and went back on the attack. The
    hypocrisy is astounding. These wacko birds don’t surprise me anymore. You
    can smell their desperation of trying to cling on to anything it just to

  3. romienails

    We’ll you blame the GOP for the shout down and you blame GOP for failure. You guy all full of ……

  4. steve b

    what the democrats should do is get all the transcripts from republicans
    speaking on the floor of congress or during interviews defending the
    rollout of medicare part D and just read them aloud on the floor. just get
    them lined up each with transcript and start reading. would be hilarious.


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