“Republicans HATE Trump” Chuck Schumer ATTACKS Donald Trump on The View

Chuck Schumer Says That in Private, Republicans Have ‘Real Problems’ With Trump

New York Senator Chuck Schumer appeared on The View today to address his insults from and to Donald Trump and more. While there, the Democratic lawmaker revealed that he is far from the only person in Washington who is displeased with Trump’s performance.

Joy Behar asked about Senator Al Franken‘s claim that some Republicans are worried Trump is mentally unwell (and pointed out that she was ahead of the curve on saying that and caught major heat from Bill O’Reilly for it).

He replied, “When you talk to Republicans quietly — you know, in the cloak room and the gym — they are having real problems with him. Now, very few — John McCain, to his credit — but very few have had the courage to oppose hime even though they know he’s doing a lot of things that are against what America is all about.”

He went on to predict that Trump will be faced with a lot of Republicans turning from him in about three or four months. Schumer then called Trump’s cabinet the “worst cabinet” he’d ever seen and dismissed Trump’s war on the press by saying that everyone in power receives harsh coverage.

He advised Trump to get over it because the criticism can make politicians “better.”

Watch above for all of that and to see what one topic Jedediah Bila said that all Republicans should agree with Schumer on.
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19 thoughts on ““Republicans HATE Trump” Chuck Schumer ATTACKS Donald Trump on The View

  1. Anna Machado


  2. blackfoot

    Reminds me of a drunk or high friend who recently got fired from a job and trashes his former boss when we were kids.

  3. Diogenes Arauz

    It's amazing these people are saying, " you being disrespectful ". Kiss our Asses you were disrespectful for the last 8 years….

  4. fusion772

    Remember, folks: Rosie O'Donnell, who used to be a hostess on this piece of shit TV show, literally suggested we should have Martial Law after Trump was elected so that Trump can be "held accountable" for his "crimes"… yeah, it's a psychotic, unhinged, Left-wing embarrassment of a TV show and all of you who take it seriously should be deeply, deeply humiliated and ashamed of yourselves by participating in this madness. It's really just that bad.

  5. fusion772

    Fuck this dude and his crocodile tears… disingenuous gun grabbing Democrat scumbag! BUT HEY, I KNOW YOU BASIC BITCHES LOVE THIS GUY SO WHO CARES, RIGHT?????

  6. Melinda Crain

    I'd be worried about republicans if they weren't concerned about Trump.  Any reporting that hints at the slightest bit of negativity toward him is "fake news."    Thankfully, he has his handlers giving us alternative facts.

  7. Carol Cohen

    Schumer backed Hilary and knew she okd 20% of our uranium being sold to Russia when she was secretary of state. DNC and RNC are both bribed by corporation & military weapons industry.

  8. Leo Flores

    Trump is against Supreme Court, against the Constitution and against the basic human rights. Examples. Bann all people just because they are from Islamic countries.
    Persecution against all people just on base of "suspicious of criminal or illegal".

  9. barilyn francolino

    chuck schumer is a low-life piece of dog shit who is hated by every politician out there!! fact! and these cunts are worse then him!! keep tryn to challenge the pres scumbag, you will lose big time jew fuck!!

  10. Lizie Lue

    Your values have kept us in the poor house and your values caused the tragedy of Benghazi!! Your values have kept the Black population down and our inner cities unsafe!!

  11. carolynn markiewicz

    Schumer,you are a clown & Republicans do not hate Trump.We hate what you people have done to this country.And Joy,many of us think you & Whoopi have mental issues.

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