Republicans denounce Trump after vulgar comments

Republican officials are calling for presidential candidate Donald Trump to drop his bid for the presidency after an 11-year-old video that was released on Friday showed him making vulgar, sexual remarks about groping women. William Brangham reports.

19 thoughts on “Republicans denounce Trump after vulgar comments

  1. Nate Trice

    decade by a year your on a tv show dude you didnt no you had a mic on? dumb dumb du du dumn

  2. Victor Droid

    The smile on Clinton's face tells you she knows how to get away unscathed. She is above the law in her own eyes and she has NO conscience. She finds the travail upset and butchery of other's lives amusing in a boring sort of way. She'd rather be out fomenting international conflict than dealing with this petty election nonsense. She belongs in an institution.

  3. Th3Sh1n1gam1

    A person this old is not gonna grow out of his old shitty habits. That's why there is an age requirement for presidency, so we can understand what kind of person the candidate really is.

  4. Hobo Hound

    ok you wanna play up the bad words about what Donald Trump said about 15 years a go,, and that is fine, but you never tell the truth about killary clinton, lies about every thing, lose of life because of killary unprotected e/mails, benghazi, and a hell of more,, tell the truth or get off the air,Trump never killed no body,

  5. Roland Rasmus

    but there is a difference if you do smth criminal or tell amtcho like things , it is a difference if you are a representative person for a Country like the president and make a brothel out of the whitehouse and get in danger to get blackmailed in your decissions. german media phenix told that trump told he wanted to grap the woman between there legs , but when iw atched the Video he told about trying to kiss beautiful woman because they are like a magnet and that eh can do it as celebrety

  6. Jean Paul

    Trump is a racist, he only cares for wealthy people like himself to help cut taxes, he doesn't care for middle wage people, he hates black, Latino, Muslim and all immigrants, he disrespects women, what future can we have with this asshole?

  7. PeterDivine

    Hillary once publicly defended Thomas Alfred Taylor, a man who, at the age of 15, seduced and had sex with an intoxicated 12-year old girl. With her assistance, he managed to dodge a sentence for 1st-degree rape via a plea deal that got him out in less than a year, and she has never, ever apologized for it.

    But no, tell me more about how Donald Trump disrespects women. Please.

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