Republicans Caught ‘Swimming-Naked’ as Healthcare.GOV Booms!

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8 thoughts on “Republicans Caught ‘Swimming-Naked’ as Healthcare.GOV Booms!

  1. sonom king

    The Republicans can’t fix anything. Their alternative is a joke. Their
    whole party is a waste of tax dollars. They’re the reason why we’re in this
    mess and they’re the reason why we’re STILL in this mess. A bunch of
    brainless cunts only interested in dry humping the top 1%. 

  2. LawoftheLandPA

    Obamacare cant work? Medicare is single universal (over 65) coverage, but
    an individual mandate like Car Insurance CANT WORK?! Its just impossible?
    This is America, we can make get invent the plane, computers, and space
    flight, but we cant make health care work?! R’s will never change and they
    will pay the price…finally. Goodbye. Good riddance.

  3. Craig Seamus

    That Republican strategist was very good. He makes Republicans look wise
    and long-term thinking, as well as someone youd want to fuck every once in
    a while or at least when youre drunk.


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